The Great Food Festival returns! Here are some foods you should try

Food connoisseurs, unite! The Great Food Festival is back for its second iteration, taking place at Resorts World Sentosa from 27 to 30 September. Touted as Singapore’s Largest Curated Food & Lifestyle Festival, #TGFF2018 brings together a star-studded cast of culinary geniuses and allows festival goers to sample the eclectic tastes of international cuisine. Masterclasses are also conducted by the likes of Topless Baker and Amber Seah of Yume Patisserie, and you won’t want to miss out on demos by Neil Perry AM and Gaggan Anand.

Setting the scene: Diners can enjoy the cosy ambience of the Convention Centre at Resorts World Sentosa, as they tuck into delicacies from all over the world.

There are three distinct sections of the festival: the Star Chef Arena, Rollin’ Sweet Times and The Cellar. Of the three, the Star Chef Arena is clearly the highlight, as it boasts sumptuous recipes specially whipped up for this event from celebrity chef stalls. A beverage from Diageo World Class Drinks will also complement your food expedition perfectly, and make for killer combinations alongside delicious celebrity chef foods.

Pictured below is the Gnocco di Fonduta e Turtufo from Fratelli Trattoria, comprising of potato and beetroot “Gnocco” filled with cheese fondue, a butter and sage emulsion, baby spinach and truffle shavings. At first bite, the taste of truffle is very distinct, helping to mesh together the flavours of the cheese fondue and the butter and sage. The spinach is also a wonderful touch to the item, drenched in the glorious cheese fondue. Other dishes include Tonno tataki, bagna cauda, crumble di pistacchi – which is actually red tuna tataki style, paired with bagna cauda dressing and pistachio crumble.

We were also very eager to try out the Thai Rice Noodles with Siracha Pineapple, Dried Prawn Floss and Chilli from Taste of Siam. The dish is accompanied by simmered prawn dumplings, so deliciously tender and filling. The taste of Siam sure did not disappoint, and you could also check out other dishes like the Isaan-style Chicken wrapped with Steam Cabbage, or Steamed Minced Pork with Southern Preserved Shrimp.

Richard van Oostenbrugge‘s Scallop, Black Truffle and Fermented Oxtail Jus is also a dish you can’t afford to miss at the Great Food Festival. The Sea-Anemone of scallop is perfectly seared, and paired with the black truffle and fermented oxtail jus, makes for an explosion of flavour and delight to one’s tastebuds. You could also try their Langoustine Albufeira with Coffee and their Foie Gras Seaweed Broth Umeboshi.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora also serves up a mean serving of scallop, and you can order their Hokkaido Scallop with Herb Butter, which is a worthy contender to Richard van Oostenbrugge’s sumptuous dish. The dish is sure to whet your appetite, and the unique combination with peanuts makes for a great crunch whilst also greatly complementing the aroma of the scallop.

So there are plenty of treats for seafood lovers at #TGFF2018 – but what about the meat lovers out there? As far as meat goes, look no further than Syun by Hal Yamashita, which surprisingly delights with its serving of Grilled Rosemary Chicken. Its skin is cripsy and its meat tender, and certainly makes for an interesting dish out of Syun’s other selections.

No good meal is complete without a serving of dessert. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Rollin’ Sweet Times, Asia’s largest dessert showcase of sweet treats. A tasty adventure awaits at N2 Extreme Gelato Lab, where Chef Min Chai presents his unorthodox parfaits and sorbets. Pop by for a sweet treat and make yourself at home around the colorful cube-box seats, which will surely delight your Instagram following. Look at what an aesthetic marvel the parfait is.

After all the dessert settles well and you’ve had a good run through at #TGFF2018, don’t forget to check out The Cellar, with tipples from 8 countries curated by a Master of Wine. The drinks are also expertly paired with fine meats and cheese. One booth you have to stop by is Huber’s Butchery.

Which booths do you plan on checking out? Let us know in the comments!

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