When Red Bull Racing Formula One Team drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen visited Singapore in 2017, the duo were tasked with the challenge to open the durian using everyday tools including a screwdriver, mini saw and a rubber chicken. After such a daunting challenge, we decided to give the Bulls a treat in Singapore this time round with the country’s renowned Chilli Crab. Only this time, they too have to figure out how to get crack the shell and taste the sweet, juicy crab meat.

Daniel Riccardo who is a big fan of Singaporean cuisine dived right in but Max Verstappen might have needed a little encouragement from Felix Chong, Head Chef of Monti, Singapore.

Take a look at their valiant attempt below:

And the crab is served.

You can really get a feel of how different these guys are by how one of them goes in and the other eyes the crab thoughtfully.

Or one of them could just be hungrier.

Is that the face he makes on the track?

Okay, it’s time to get up and do this.

Wait, what happened?

Gotta steer clear of debris.

He has no problem with us watching him eat.

Gotta have a bit of that crab meat before you start hacking away at it some more.

All in a racer day’s work.


No hands!

What do you think of their attempt at cracking one of Singapore’s most famous dishes? Let us know in the comments!