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MyRepublic is giving free bonus data to Singaporean mobile and broadband subscribers

MyRepublic will be giving its Mega and Xtra mobile subscribers free bonus data for the next 6 months, in appreciation of the amazing response it received since the launch of its mobile plans in Singapore.
Starting from their next billing cycle, Mega subscribers will receive free 6 GB of bonus data and Xtra subscribers will receive 7 GB of bonus data every month for the next 6 months.
New subscribers that sign up for Mega or Xtra by 31 October 2018 will also enjoy the 6-months of bonus data, which will start from the day their new plan is active. Similarly, current subscribers on other MyRepublic mobile plans can choose to switch to Mega or Xtra and enjoy the bonus data as well. Having No Contract is a key feature of all MyRepublic mobile plans, providing subscribers the freedom to switch plans at any time to suit their lifestyle.
This bonus data also stacks with the additional data MyRepublic broadband customers enjoy, for a total of 26 GB for Mega subscribers and 40 GB for Xtra subscribers that also have a MyRepublic fibre broadband subscription.
MyRepublic launched its mobile plans to Singapore in June 2018, with features such as Boundless Data and Roam Like Home that have established its trademark worry-free experience. For more information on MyRepublic’s mobile plans, visit: this website.
Header image from MyRepublic Facebook page.

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