As the summer heat ramps up, Starbucks is bringing the foaminess you love so much from your hot handcrafted beverages to its iced beverages.

For the first time ever, Singapore is introducing Cold Foam – a freshly crafted dairy topping that adds a velvety smooth texture to your cold coffee. Starting today, Starbucks is unveiling two coffee beverages to showcase cold foam at all stores across Singapore– perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day for a light yet energizing boost.


While rich, steamed foam has been a hallmark of Starbucks coffee since the 1980s, cold foam is a modern twist on the classic as a perfect finish to cold beverages. Frothed cold instead of hot by blending non-fat milk until it’s smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream.

Available now, customers can try the new featured cold foam beverages and enjoy classic Starbucks coffee in a refreshing new way as we approach the peak of the summer season. Starbucks will unveil cold foam with two new handcrafted beverages, available from today:

Starbucks Cold Foam Iced Espresso

Layering luscious smooth cold foam on top of a slightly sweetened Starbucks Espresso, the new Starbucks Cold Foam Iced Espresso will impress discerning coffee lovers with its full-bodied taste and deep coffee notes. Savor each sip as the flavor and texture of the beverage evolves when you mix the creamy foam with the chilled espresso.

$6.70 (Tall)

Starbucks Dark Caramel Cold Foam Nitro

Starbucks Dark Caramel Cold Foam Nitro tops the slow-steeped, nitrogen-infused Nitro Cold Brew served straight from the tap with a blanket of dark caramel infused cold foam and a strike of finely ground coffee – elevating the natural sweetness and bold notes of the Cold Brew with subtle caramel notes and velvety smoothness.

$7.50 (Tall)

*Available only at Starbucks outlets offering Nitro Cold Brew. Locate stores here, by selecting the Nitro Cold Brew filter.


Lush floral prints and endless good vibes – say hello to the newest Starbucks x collection. Inspired by sunny shores, lush tropical sights and endless good vibes, we team up with once again to bring you a slice of that cool LA summertime fun.

The collection combines a fun twist on Starbucks classic drinkware collection with some of’s best-selling products to bring the good vibes is known for to Singapore!


This summer’s limited-time collection will feature fun rainbow shades, bright floral patterns and deliciously fruit-forward designs. Available in stores across Singapore starting June 25, while supplies last.*

*Certain items will only be available in specific outlets. Please refer to the fact sheet for more details on products and store availability