As it steps into its second year, RWS Fratelli Trattoria continues to captivate diners with a brand new selection of signature creations.

Expect gastronomic revelry as the Cerea brothers put a contemporary spin on Italian classics inspired by the heritage of the family-run Three-Michelin starred restaurant Da Vittorio in Lombardy, Italy.

Enrico Cerea (on the left), Roberto (on the right) Cerea and Chef de Cuisine, Davide Bizzarri in the middle.

RWS Fratelli Trattoria is easily your go-to for quintessential Italian classics with an elegant twist, and there’s no going back once you have tasted it. Here’s why.

Artisanal produce and fresh ingredients for discerning diners


The 4-course menu is poised to enliven your palate with a myriad of summer flavours, especially with some of the freshest ingredients and artisanal produce from boutique producers.

Scampo, Ravanello, Erbette e Uovo di Salmone.

The first course set the bar high with a grilled Langoustine Tail that was done just right – juicy and succulent without overwhelming our tastebuds.

It further piqued our palate with the potpourri of sapid flavours from the fresh salmon roes, red radishes espuma and a medley of herbs. This Italian favourite is a sure-fire way to whet our appetite for the rest of the meal.

Modern Italian classics with a seasonal twist

Zuppa di Pasta e Pesce.

If you have always been seeking for a delightful cross between pasta and stew, this is bound to be right up your alley.

The Zuppa di Pasta e Pesce is best savoured when you mix the entire bowl into a harmonious unison of jaunty flavours.

As pistachio and bread sponge were added to the soup, the full-bodied stew did not come off as too heavily flavoured; precisely the reason why we lapped this up in no time.

Main course: Filleto di Branzino con Crema di Piselli al Cardamomo.

Fish lovers simply won’t regret this expertly crafted dish.

The pan-seared sea bass is set to be a crowd pleaser; particularly with a crispy skin yet pillowy-soft texture on the inside.

Needless to say, the summer season beckoned the use of seasonal ingredients such as carrots, tomatoes and baby vegetables; all of which elevated the umami taste of the sea bass.

Amongst the hodgepodge of flavours, the cardamom scented green pea puree and crispy free-range egg yolk tantalised our tastebuds as it brought a multi-layered texture to the dish, especially with its variegated flavours.

Elegant interpretations of Italian classics beyond your imagination

Dessert: II Nuovo Cheesecake made out of soft cheese and a raspberry mousse parfait coated in white chocolate, and served with raspberry sorbet and raspberry textures.

The elegant interpretations of Italian classics didn’t stop at the savoury course – imagine the hallmark dessert being presented in a novel form.

Be gleefully surprised when II Nuovo Cheesecake, the modern version of a classic cheese cake is placed before you.

Unlike its predecessor, you would need to smash open this exquisite ball to enjoy the goodness oozing out of this sweet beauty coated in white chocolate; and served alongside raspberry sorbet and raspberry textures. Despite the additional effort, we would do that every single time with no hesitation.

Anytime you are seeking a stellar dinner that captivates both your heart and palate, RWS Fratelli Trattoria is your happy place. For one, it is certainly ours when it comes to exquisite Italian cuisine.

Prices start from S$108++ per person for a four-course dinner.

RWS Fratelli Trattoria

Hotel Michael, Lobby

Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm (Closed every Monday, expect Public Holidays)

Dress Code: Smart Casual

For reservations, please call (65) 6577 6555 or email [email protected]