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Philippine Gilas and Australian Boomers brawl on the court in FIBA World Cup match

The Philippine FIBA Team Gilas got into an all-out brawl in the third quarter of the game with the Australian team for the FIBA preliminaries this year happening in the Philippines.

Take a look at the brawl here:

Both Philippine and Australian sides of the benches emptied out into the court, with netizens catching the whole shocking turn of events on their smartphones and sharing immediately on social media.

Both teams slunk away once the fight was adjourned, but the Gilas members found time to take a selfie post-brawl.

In the video above, the announcer was ordering teams to go back to their benches as the fight broke out, and eventually started calling security.

The Philippines was hosting the FIBA 2019 preliminary qualifiers this July 2 on their home turf, in what turned out to be an embarrassment simply because of the massive point lead in favour of Australia. The situation was further exacerbated

What’s the damage?

As the officials reviewed footage of the brawl, nine of the players from the Philippine team have been ejected (which officially left three players to finish the game) while four from the Australian team have been removed as well.

At some point, two of the remaining Filipino players fouled out, leaving only one player that caused the Australian team to win by default since two players are the minimum number for each team to play, but the Philippines had only one player left allowed to continue.

How did it start?

According to footage of the game and GMA News, the Philippine team was down 31 points late in the third quarter when the timer hit the 4:01 mark.

At this point, Gilas guard Roger Pogoy and Boomers player Chris Goulding got rather close to each other and ended up falling in a tangle.

After that, Daniel Kickert hit Pogoy with a forearm and then Jayson Castro kicked the large Australian Kickert.

According to reports, “players from both sides traded blows, with Milwaukee Bucks big man Thon Maker even trying a flying kick on Terrence Romeo.”

At some point, a chair was thrown.

All hell had broken loose on the Philippine court, with both sides sporting emptied benches as both teams came to each players’ defence (and sometimes, offence).

The aftermath

Mark Pingris, a former Gilas player, tried to allegedly console the Philippine team in the aftermath, and asked some of the players to take a post-brawl selfie. The Philippine team was still down 31 points.

FIBA has released a statement that they are taking action against the involved players, and would be starting disciplinary proceedings immediately, with the results released in a few days.

Netizens (and people involved react)

Filipinos are mostly in an uproar, calling the whole incident (especially the selfie) embarrassing. Some of them have kissed goodbye to ever hosting the FIBA games ever again and even expecting a suspension from the league.

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