It’s no secret that yoga’s one of the most calming workouts you can do to reap superb health benefits. But as with every form of discipline, finding a place to start can be confusing. Once you do, though, why go at it solo? Make that a family activity! Even better, bring your kids into the fold – you have no idea how much good it can do for the young ones too!

Here are seven yoga poses so easy that you’ll be gobsmacked you didn’t think of trying them out with the kids earlier.

The mountain pose is a simple standing pose you can do anywhere and everywhere – even without a mat! And talk about a full body workout, this pose activates every muscle in the body and improves posture, doing wonders for those times you and your kids are hunched over the desk doing work.

How appropriate, the name! Rest your head against that yoga mat, and let a wave of tranquillity take over you… The child’s pose is not only a comfortable and restful pose, it boasts benefits like stretching out your lower back and aiding digestion.

Have only 5 minutes to spare before the kids have to hit their next music lesson? Not a problem. Try out this cat-cow stretch! It’s the perfect pose for an achy back to help loosen back muscles and maintain a healthy spine, making it a great way to beat that slouch.

The cobbler’s pose helps to get a good hip and groin stretch and straightens back much more easily. It’s especially beneficial to runners since it stretches the feet and ankles; if the children are budding pavement pounders, do give this a shot.

Afternoon slumps are truly a struggle – don’t forget the kids have to wake up at an ungodly hour to catch the bus to school! The downward dog pose is a great morning routine to awaken the senses. It can also easily be modified to become the dolphin pose for that little bit of flexibility and variety.

Lay flat, thrust your hip into the air, and there you have it: the bridge pose. This simple pose alleviates asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis. Given how simple it is, there’s no reason not to try!

This pose combines the downward dog and child’s pose, stretching the spine while on all fours. It relieves symptoms of chronic stress, tension, and insomnia – the perfect solution to combat those long days of mugging and CCA, and the exam stresses.

Yoga isn’t just for adults; these seven yoga poses are greatly beneficial for your kids’ health, especially when complemented with nutritional food intake – we’re talking the likes of Quaker oats and snack bars. These healthy snacks also make a great reward after a soul-cleansing yoga routine, so be sure to stock up and get to posing!

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