Carlsberg Singapore is officially launching its latest Carlsberg Smooth Draught Pint which features a “POP Cap” – so you can literally pop a draught and enjoy probably the smoothest beer in the world anywhere! Replacing the traditional pry-off cap, the revolutionary “POP Cap” does away with the need for a bottle opener and marks Carlsberg as the first beer brand in Singapore to offer this unique pull-ring feature for its pint bottles.

The “POP cap” is probably the biggest innovation yet for the Carlsberg brand as Singapore is the second amongst 140 Carlsberg markets globally to adopt this technology. Available in 325ml and 580ml bottles, the Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s “POP Cap” is an easy-to-open mechanism that simply requires lifting the ring and then pulling it in a swift motion.

Official Launch

The official launch was held at Zouk Singapore on 18th May, in conjunction with the Grand Finals of Carlsberg Singapore’s inaugural Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Pong Championship which saw 16 teams battle it out for the ultimate winning titles after going through three initial qualifying rounds.

At the event, guests were invited to celebrate the launch with games such as beer pong!

A magic show featuring Carlsberg beers as props was presented, leading up to the official launch.

Afterward, Guests and Carlsberg staff POPPED open a beer bottle together to officially launch the event, with several lucky guests getting the chance to compete for the prize of 2 free cartons of beer and a shot at being Carlsberg’s brand ambassador by vying for the loudest POP of their beer bottle caps!

The day ended lightheartedly with the Beer Pong championship where Grand Finalists Jayson Ho and Rudi Kay won against Alex Chem and Yi Liang with 27 points! Jayson and Rudi then battled it out for the Grand Championship prize where they got 24 and 19 points respectively.

The Champion Team received $800 in cash and the Single Grand Champion Jayson also got an additional $800. The 1st Runner Up team received $600 while Joint-3rd teams (3rd and 4th) got $200 per team.

Grand finalists with Mr. Olivier Dubost, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore (Credits: Carlsberg Singapore)

Pre-Launch Activities

In the lead up to its official launch, Carlsberg Singapore rolled out island-wide advertisements in the form of out-of-home and digital advertising. Teaming up with Clear Channel and Initiatives, Carlsberg surprised commuters with the return of its Carlsberg Countdown Dispenser campaign, which garnered popular reception when introduced last year.

From 26 April till 1 May 2018, select bus shelters featured countdown timers which opened up to reveal the latest Carlsberg Smooth Draught Pint so lucky commuters could help themselves to a taste of the signature smooth draught. A 20-second video of the Carlsberg Smooth Draught Pint’s “POP Cap” is also circulated on social media and digital platforms.

Purchase the Carlsberg Smooth Draught today!

The Carlsberg Smooth Draught 325ml bottle is available at select pubs, bars and restaurants and the 580ml bottle is available at select coffeeshops and hawker centres.