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Who is Sherrill (Sherrillx3)? Alvinology takes a look at this fashionable gamer girl

You could call her a unicorn since she loves to play Overwatch and other games while still doing all the girly things, but Sherrill is more than your average gamer girl.

Known for being a freelance model and active influencer on Instagram, Sherrill is one of the more prolific and active girls in the gaming and fashion scene.

Sherrill’s feed is unapologetically about her interests, modelling jobs and brand endorsements, which tells you that she just doesn’t talk the walk, she also walks the walk–not only in gaming but in trends.

Check out her gaming stream here, where she shows gamers that she isn’t a noob when it comes to Overwatch:

This was actually her second stream with SAUCEInk gaming, so she isn’t someone just new on the scene.

Fashion award winner

And just to cement her position as an actual Gaming It girl, Sherrill was awarded one of the best Fashion Influencers Award for 2018 by People Maven.

She isn’t a lightweight in the social scene either. with almost 60,000 followers on Instagram, she definitely has a following.

But wait, there’s more

Aside from gaming and following trends to a T, Sherrill is also a self-proclaimed pole dancer. Take a look at some of her training and pole dancing shots below:



Is she taken?

To all the guys hoping, Sherrill is happily taken and has been for her boyfriend for quite some time. Here are some shots of them together.

He has more than 8000 followers on his own Instagram account and could be called a legitimate Instagram boyfriend, thanks to his many amazing shots of and with Sherrill!

Photo from Sherrill’s Facebook account.

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