Face your fears at Science Centre Singapore's Phobia Exhibition - Alvinology

Face your fears at Science Centre Singapore’s Phobia Exhibition

Science Centre Singapore is back with a stimulating new exhibition explores the science behind fear – Phobia: The Science of Fear!

Set to officially launch on 13 April, the exhibition will allow guests to experience fear in a safe and interactive environment, understand the broader subject of fear which has a strong and relevant cultural significance, as well as the psychology and physiology of fear, and the effect it has on our daily lives.

This also happens to be Asia’s first phobia themed exhibition which encourages guests to engage in conversations on various fears, allowing them to take the first step in overcoming them.

Face your fears at Science Centre Singapore's Phobia Exhibition - Alvinology
Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Singapore speaking at the media preview for Phobia2: The Science of Fear

Why organize such an exhibition?

Phobia2: The Science of Fear fits perfectly into the Centre’s active learning pedagogy as it explores the psychology, physiology and culture of fear. Guests will embark on a journey about common fears and phobias as well as self-discovery.

The attraction explains “why” fear affects us and showcases some of the phobias prevalent in society that can take control of us during an exam, on-board an airplane during turbulence and even during public speaking.

Fear is something we all can relate to as it is a psychological challenge which can result in a lack of confidence, a barrier to studying or socializing.

Exhibition Features

Designed by Newman Entertainment International (NEI), the exhibition features interesting content and a variety of displays for guests to gain a better understanding about fear. It puts a positive spin on phobias by addressing how fear is actually practical and necessary in our daily lives.

Whilst we might perceive our phobias to be unique to ourselves, you might be surprised to learn that there are common phobias across cultures with a statistical high occurrence. This may bring comfort to those whose lives have been affected by their fears as they now realize that they are not alone.

Zones and Galleries

Jungle experience – This gallery helps us understand how fear can protect us from danger in the wild

Ophidiophobia (Fear of Snakes) – A gallery that explains a common fear of snakes

Modern Fears – This exhibition feature fears that have become prominent over time such as nomobophobia, the fear of losing your phone!

Buried Alive – This exhibition explores taphophobia and features coffins from the past which were fitted with elaborate communication systems should one awaken from the dead!

Slideshow Carnival – This one’s for those who have fears pertaining to the circus (think creepy clowns!)

Claustrophobia – Guests can face their fears head on in this room where you enter a conical room and exits through a small winding tunnel that becomes smaller as you walk. Alternatively, you can bypass the exhibit with a “Chicken Out” door!

Irrational Fears – This exhibition features ghosts from childhood tales and urban legends!

A Child’s Bedroom – Be transported to a typical horror movie scene as you face your childhood fears of monsters hiding under the beds and in closets!

Pirate Dream – You will walk through a dreamscape pirate scene where you will gain an understanding on how our subconscious mind creates dreams and nightmares

The Thrill Factor – This gallery explains the inspiration behind theme park ride designers’ terrifying roller coasters and you are invited to ride the interactive, animated roller coaster to experience this thrill-inducing fear firsthand!

Sitting for an Exam – Ah, every student’s greatest fear! TV panels will feature tips on how to overcome exam fears for stressed out students and parents.

The Brain – This is an informative exhibit that features a sculpture of the human brain and explains how people react to fear.

The Stage is Yours – Experience public speaking in front of a 360-degree projection dome!

While you are at the exhibition, be sure to take a selfie at the Thriller Selfie Wall at the end!

Phobia Party Event

To commemorate the official launch, Science Centre Singapore will be hosting the Phobia Party on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April 2018 as part of its new After-Hours series, where fun and engaging activities will be held at the Science Centre after its official operating hours.

From 6.30pm onwards, guests will be treated to a different experience.

There will be carnival game stations, “hipster” food and drinks, movie screenings, open-mic sessions and stargazing of the Orion Constellation for all to enjoy.

Event tickets are priced at S$20 which includes admission to the Centre and coupons for other activities. There are even early-bird bonuses for pre-event ticket purchases.

For more information, visit this website.

This may be your opportunity to conquer your fears!

Admission to Phobia2: The Science of Fear exhibition is free, but standard admission charges to the Science Centre apply.

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