As the cherry blossoms start to bloom, BreadTalk is ready to indulge everyone with their latest collection of delights that promotes the “Taste of Sakura.” The seasonal collection will bring cheer to all bread lovers with their pink cakes and buns that truly depicts the well-loved flowers of Japan.

Here are the new and familiar Sakura and Japanese-inspired cakes and buns that will make you fall in love.

Hai! Cheese

This pink Sakura-infused cheesecake is filled with mascarpone cheese mousse layers, coated with cake crumble, and sprinkled with gold flakes. Enjoy it for S$28.

Sakura Snow Cheese

The pink version of Hokkaido Snow Roll that is also made from premium Hokkaido milk. You can delight in its sweetness for only S$18.80.

Hanami in Bloom and Sakura Kanpai!

This new BreadTalk cheesecake is topped with a layer of Sakura-infused pudding and perfectly decorated with Sakura blossoms. Sakura Kanpai!, on the other hand, is an indulging vanilla chiffon dessert layered with strawberry jam and Chantilly cream. Grab a bite of both Hanami in Bloom and Sakura Kanpai! for only S$38.80 and S$6.20.

Fuwa Fuwa Cheese and Kawa-Ichigo

A light and fluffy sponge cake filled with mascarpone cream. The perfect cake that truly describes the Japanese “fuwa fuwa” term. Meanwhile, the Kawa-Ichigo is just equally an adorable cake with tangy strawberry jam and mascarpone cream. Indulge in both at $2.50 for the Fuwa Fuwa Cheese and $2 for the Kawa-Ichigo.

Sweet and Savoury Japanese-inspired Classic Buns

In addition to the familiar Japanese flavour, BreadTalk is also happy to talk about their new line-up of six classic buns that celebrates seasonal and classic Japanese ingredients.

The new buns are Miso-Happy, Chokorēto Yuzu, Thanks Soy-Mochi!, and Ohayo Mentaiko that can be enjoyed for only S$2. Additionally, ishii~ Teriyaki is priced at S$2.50, and S$1.80 for Kare’Ichibun’.

The new line-up of Japanese inspired buns is available from now to 31 May 2018 at all BreadTalk outlets. Cakes are available at all Breadtalk outlets except Simei MRT, Singapore Cruise Centre, and United Square.

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