Date Night with a MORtini is never a mistake

Filling up the cocktail shaker with sour apple liqueur, vodka and Cointreau, shake it up to perfection, poured into the cinnamon rimmed cocktail glass, and voila, you got yourself a fresh shaken Appletini.

Switch it up with lychee juice, lychee fruit served on a cocktail stick, leaning in a chilled cocktail glass, and a Lychee Martini served. What better way to enjoy this classic delight, then to experience shaking up one yourself?

Nothing serves up better than a cocktail before a dinner date, a night out with a couple of girlfriends, or a solo chill-out with some of the classiest cocktails here at Morton’s.

Known for its fabulous steaks for over 20 years in Singapore, Morton’s are great at serving up some of the finest classic martinis as well. The ambience at this steakhouse would remind you of The Great Gatsby which portrayed the 1920s Jazz Age-era through its deco and setting.

On this particular night, Morton’s played host to a night of a rather eye-opening showcase where the bartender demonstrated how their renowned MORtinis made.

Guests that evening had a chance to mix, shake and serve up their very own martinis. It all boils down to ensuring you poured the right amount of liqueur, fruit juices or syrup, fill the shaker up with ice, secure the cover with a glass cup, and shake away. Just a word of caution, the taste may vary from individuals, and nothing tastes as legit as the maker.

So perhaps leaving things to the professionals isn’t a bad idea. Sit back and relax, and enjoy the night sipping away from your martini glasses. Always start off with the lighter refreshing flavors like the Appletini and Lycheetini, or other classics such as the Cosmopolitan, and  slowly move your way up to the creamy chocolatey sensation of the Chocolate Mortini.

If you are not up for a steak, there is always the bar bites options which wonderfully complements any of the mortinis. Anything from the Chicken Goujonettes to the Filet Mignon Sandwiches, or even the Fresh Cut Potato Chip with the Blue Cheese Dressing which is simply delicious.

Morton’s, located at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, as well as many other locations internationally. Opens daily from 5 pm – 11 pm (5.30 pm for the Dining Room) on Monday to Saturday, and 12 pm – 9 pm on Sunday. Reservation is highly recommended especially on the weekends.

Are these drinks familiar to you?

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