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Could ezbuy’s Friends Deal be the Massdrop of Singapore?, ezbuy mobile app and website, ezbuy’s Friends Deal gives users the opportunity to enjoy shopping together at heavily discounted prices of up to 80% off.

Inspired by PinDuoDuo, a digital platform out of China which recorded more than 200 million visitors and achieved unicorn status with a company valuation of US$2 billion in 21 months, ezbuy’s Friends Deal utilises a similar but refined version of this social commerce concept for users to secure greater deals via their friends.

This is the first time outside of China that enable users to rally on an individual’s friends and followers base rather than individual strangers as seen on other e-commerce group buying websites.

According to Wendy Liu, Co-founder of ezbuy, “Think of Friends Deal as buying in bulk and at rock- bottom prices, but with the help of friends. I liken it to the good old Singapore communal kampong spirit, but with a cutting-edge digital twist to the whole user experience.”

A game changer for social commerce, ezbuy will continue to refine the Friends Deal over the next few months, allowing users from all over the globe to Connect, Share and Earn. Incorporating key elements that allow smartphone users access to a wide variety of products from China, Korea, Singapore, and USA, Friends Deal will be the latest digital commerce format for users to source for greater deals via its mobile app and website.

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Led by the original founding executives since its founding in 2010, ezbuy has maintained its privately-held ownership throughout its eight-year long history allowing to control key strategic and business decisions.

The company’s suite of product and business processes has also expanded over the last two years, in response to customers’ evolving trends and industry regulations.


Today, e-commerce platforms in the industry have applied several initiatives pioneered by ezbuy to address the pain points of customers, specifically for cross-border transactions. This includes pre-sale services like listing translations and flat-rate shipping fees; to after-sale services like shorter shipping duration and mitigating risks for customers to enjoy greater peace of mind when shopping globally.

Are you excited to see what ezbuy can do now that it has to operate without Alibaba and Taobao?

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