Raffles City Chongqing holds title for World’s Highest Horizontal Skyscraper

CapitaLand’s engineering marvel resulted in a world-class recognition as Raffles City Chongqing was hailed as the world’s highest “horizontal skyscraper” ever built.

The iconic 1.2 million square meters urban district is the result of the company’s aim to improve and develop new urban living with unparalleled architecture and technology. The place itself is built with curved accordion-shaped “horizontal skyscraper” – measuring 300 metres in length, 30 metres in width and 22.5 metres in height – above four 250-metre tall towers at a total height of more than 400 metres above sea level.

Some of the world’s most advanced construction and engineering techniques have been applied to make this megastructure structure possible and stand on the jewel of Chongqing. It is also the companies bold move to raise the bar on architectural design and proves to show that they are thinking way ahead of the current trend.

Raffles City Chongqing’s ’The Conservatory’

The heart that connects the six vertical towers of Raffles City Chongqing is called The Conservatory. Four towers acting as its base support and two adjacent towers by cantilever bridges. Designed as the centre of attraction, it houses a rich array of amenities, including a themed observation deck, sky gardens, an infinity pool and a food and beverage zone.

It’s the world’s highest sky bridge linking the most number of towers and longer than Singapore’s tallest building.

The Conservatory is made up of a continuous steel structure weighing 12,000 tons and enclosed with a ring comprising 3,200 pieces of glass and 4,800 aluminium panels. The steel structure is expected to be fully constructed by mid-2018.

Raffles City Chongqing features a 230,000 sqm shopping mall area, 160,000 sqm office space, 1,400 units of residential apartments, and has a total of 9.2 hectares including the Ascott Raffles City Chongqing luxury hotel and car park.

This amazing development will soon rise at Chaotianmen at the meeting of Yangtze and Jialing rivers in Yuzhong District, next to the traditional Jie Fang Bei central business district. For more information, visit CapitaLand official website.

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