Welcome Starbucks Spring with the irresistible range of drinkware and accessories dressed in gorgeous shades of pink with delicate water color paintings inspired by the iconic blooms of the season. Don’t miss out on the limited-edition season-inspired tote bags and Starbucks Cards that are too pretty to do without! A must-have for collectors.

Starbucks Cards

A flower or two, the easiest way to brighten someone’s day.

Spring Season Blend

Starbucks Spring Season Blend celebrates a time of year marked by new beginnings and renewal. This seasonal blend combines customers’ all-time favorite coffees to deliver a complex, yet balanced profile, including Ethiopian sun-dried beans with a striking flourish of dark cherry; aged Sumatra, loved for its syrupy body and cedary spice notes; juicy herbal and complex coffees from Papua New Guinea; and our Colombian coffee, bright, balanced and nutty.

Left, VIA Ready Brew, 12 sticks: $16.90 Middle, Whole Bean, 250g: $16.90 Right, Origami Personal


Of petals that dance mid-air and soft pink hues that make your heart sing.

Left, 16oz: $36.90 Right, 16oz: $42.90

Blossom Rain

Petals that are ready to give your favorite brew plenty of hugs.

Both designs, 16oz: $29.90 each
Pouch (comes with fabric marker): $9.90

Create Your Own

A petal here or a pop of color there – make this tumbler yours.

16oz: $29.90


One by one, the raining petals settle.

Left, 12oz: $34.90 Middle, 12oz: $22.90 Right, 18.5oz: $25.90

Petal Rain

The wind blew and the petals sang, painting our tumblers and bottles a gorgeous shade of pink.

From left, 12oz: $25.90, 12oz: $22.90, 16oz: $22.90, 16oz: $21.90


Seasonal offerings for Spring

Bask in the new season and delight in treats that are sure to satiate your sweet tooth! Available for a limited time only, tingle your taste buds with the Green Tea Blossom Cake, Hojicha Chocolate Cake or Pudding Cups – all luxuriously rich and perfect whenever, wherever.

Green Tea Blossom Cake

Light, fluffy green tea sponge cake sits between layers of luscious cherry blossom flavored cream. A sprinkle of dried rose petals completes the gorgeous cake.

Pudding Cups

A palm-sized dreamy, creamy dessert that will leave you wanting more. Pick from green tea or milk.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Dig into a wonderful union of tangy blueberry and delightful cream cheese set on a caramel spiced cookie base.

Hojicha Chocolate Cake

Relish every spoonful of this light chocolate cake that’s layered with lush Hojicha flavored cream and topped off with chocolatey cookie crumble.

Earl Grey Honey Cake

Smooth Earl Grey tea flavored cream is piped between layers of feather light honey sponge cake – the perfect addition to your daily brew.

Starbucks Single Origin Series: Papua New Guinea Highlands

Papua New Guinea’s overall conditions are optimal to produce some spectacular coffees with pronounced herbal and juicy red fruit notes with a floral background.

250g: $16.90

Which pink thing are you getting this Spring? Let us know in the comments!

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