Is $40 unacceptable for a small modelling job?

In a Facebook post, model Carey Ou called out production companies who pay their models for projects a certain amount which she considers too low to support her family. Take a look at her post below:

Here’s the full text of her post:

I am so sorry that, for all the projects with the pay like $40, $60, $80, $100, etc … and require the talents to go down to the production companies to attend audition, some even need to go down for fitting in another day if selected, I have to friendly reject them.

I appreciate that they consider me or my family members for the shoot.

But if I spend $25 to take taxi or I take 1.5 hours to take MRT to go for audition, and spend another $25 or take another 1.5 hours to take MRT to go back home, and if got selected, spend another money or time to go to location, finally I get totally $40, I can not support my family and I can not face myself, be sure to look for great Model Services if you are interested in this type of job.

I know that I am always too straight forward and I may offend many people. But I have my own principles. I do not have much skills to deal with people but just my true personality.

Apologize for not compromising and sincerely wish Singapore film industry can develop better and better and then productions and agencies and crews and make up artists and wardrobe artists and talents all can make a living. Pray for it.

Netizens say that she is the woman in pink on the extreme right of the image.

According to her post, she declared that she is from here on rejecting modelling jobs for companies that only pay from $40 to $100 (and possibly more). Her reason for this policy is because the amount of time needed to get to the job and the MRT or taxi fare will not even cover her compensation for such low-paying roles or gigs.

She added that some of these low-paying jobs also require her to audition, which means that the time, money and effort she invested in going to the project could be wasted.

She lamented how models cannot support their families or live on such low pay.

Here is her introduction reel:

What do netizens have to say?

On her Facebook post, Carey mostly received support from her friends, relatives and fellow models. The latter group expressed the same sentiments.

Some related models to jay walkers.

Others  encouraged Carey.

Some commenters expressed disbelief over the pay.

Some of Carey’s commenters shared their own experiences.

Others had advice for her.

Some commenters got a little angry.

And others mentioned the better-paid models.

But people who didn’t know Carey had completely different things to say.

Some of them had no idea who Carey is.

Others were quite jaded about how the world works.

Some people questioned why she took taxis to work.

And someone answered why.

Some took a look at the show business industry as a whole.

And even more “tough love” was sent Carey’s way. 

Others mentioned something about actors of a certain standing.

While some commenters don’t think highly of models and TV show actors.

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