The sudden death of 28-year-old Singapore trade and car show model,Karen Stella Wong has shocked netizens, simply because she was in perfect health and even enjoying herself at a party when tragedy struck.

Who is Karen Stella Wong?

28 years old, gorgeous and very attractive Karen was a part-time model who loved to play online games and spinning tracks.

Last year, she was part of a competition called Drop The Beat, where she was tasked to use Razer peripherals and software to mix tracks and put her DJ-ing skills to the test.

She was also a part-time car and trade show model.

How did she die?

According to reports, she suffered an acute intracerebral haemorrhage, fell into a coma and died in the hospital three days later.

Things turned for the worst for her during a party at a karaoke bar on Neil Road. The people with her during the incident said that after singing a particularly high-pitched note, she felt ill.

She began to get dizzy and one side of her body started to become numb. She was rushed to the hospital after that. She died on December 15, 2017. Her wake was held last December 20, 2017.

Her last post on her Instagram account was about a night at Mitzo bar. But from the comments, one person said that they possibly knew something more about her death.

She did not die because of ‘trying to hit a hit note while singing’, contrary to several misleading news report online, probably because they translated the news of her death from this sensation headline in Chinese language tabloid, Shinmin Daily:

From a report on Mothership, her father had refuted the misleading news and had mentioned that her parents have not granted any media interviews.

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Rest in peace, Karen Stella Wong and may peace be with you and your family as they mourned the lost of your young life.