Not many K-pop fans noticed them, but a lot of Singaporean netizens did.

A group of 13 Singaporean teenagers made a debut video introducing their group as “BEAUNITE.” Their video suddenly went viral after posting it on Youtube and Instagram. Only proves the popularity of K-pop in Singapore among the internet generation. After all, K-pop totally owned Twitter in Singapore 2017.

The girls introduced themselves as a K-pop group. They mentioned in their Instagram post that they will cover many K-pop dances, compose their own music and choreography, and even have an upcoming reality show called “BEAUNITE TV.”

Unfortunately, these young ladies gained several haters with just a day’s release of their debut video. They were forced to delete their Youtube and Instagram account because they cannot stand the harsh comments by netizens.

Poor girls.

Below are some points what netizens find very wrong in these aspiring K-pop Singaporean teenagers.

“Be Auntie” not BEAUNITE

Netizens’ first look at this group’s name misread it as “Be Auntie.” Truth be told, the name really needs a second look only to realize that the last four letters are spelt as “NITE”, not “NTIE.”

This “Be Auntie” thing went trending in the comments and the group was laughed at just by misreading their name. Obviously not their fault.

K-pop Who Doesn’t Speak Korean

One important requirement for a KPop group is they should know how to speak Korean. These girls only know how to greet in Korean and ended up introducing themselves in English.

K-pop fans said that these girls missed the part where Korean girls undergo a plastic surgery. They don’t even wear makeup. Some say Korean doctors will hunt these girls down when they see this video.

Others went further to say that they should call themselves S-pop, because claiming they’re K-pop only bring shame to the industry.

Some even asked other netizens to refrain from bashing because the group will disband anyway when school is back.

Young Millennials Today

Taking into consideration the vanity standard and social media influence these days, it is no surprise why teenagers behave this way. Young millennials should think twice before posting anything in the digital world.

Shown below is the group’s debut video that broke their hearts:

Not All Bad

A few netizens take sentiment of these teenagers saying there is no reason for netizens to scold young girls like them. They were just having fun, and there is no harm in what they did. Even famous Singapore singer and artist Nathan Hartono extend his support and sentiment to these girls.

Some find it hard to understand why people reacted so harshly, and they felt sorry for their parents.

Concerned netizens advised that young Singapore millennials should learn a lesson from the BEAUNITE disaster. They can’t just do or say anything they want on the internet.