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KPop Dominates Twitter in Singapore this 2017

Twitter is the best place to hook up on the latest and trending topics from news and entertainment to politics. Despite the limited 140-character text, Twitter remains the No.1 Social Media platform as a source of relevant information.

KPop Sensation on Twitter

Apparently, KPop fans tweeting efforts paid off.

KPop topics dominate 7 out of 10 top hashtags. A strong indication that most of its users are millennials and music lovers. KPop band BTS is the number 1 most mentioned celebrity in Singapore. The band also grabbed the “Top Hashtag Trend of the Year” in Singapore.

Top 10 Hashtags, arranged from 1 to 10, in Singapore this 2017 are #BTS, #GOT7, #TWICE, #KCAPinoyStar, #WannaOne, #Jimin, #EXO, #SEVENTEEN, #NadineLustre, and #iHEartAwards.

The event that enabled KPop to make t to the top is the KBS Music Bank World Tour in Singapore where popular KPop bands gather all together in a single venue. Fans went wild on sharing their experience with their favourite bands.

The Smart Nation is Singapore’s is the most interesting public-sector discussion highlighting the exchange between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Razor CEO Tan Min-Liang. Other Top Moments on Twitter are The EXO’rDIUM, SMRT Breakdown, Singapore Grand Prix, and SEVENTEEN’s Diamond Edge.

Top 10 Singapore Accounts and Brands

Singaporeans are not being left out on twitter too. The Top 10 List of Most Followed Singapore Accounts this 2017 are Aaron Aziz Official, JJ Lin, Lee Hsien Long, Naomi Neo, mrbrown, Xiaxue, Joseph Prince, Stef Sun, Tosh Zhang, and Min-Liang Tan.

Singapore Airlines remains the Most Followed Singapore Brand while SMRT, NEA, LTA and Singapore Government follows.

Nando’s Singapore is the Most Retweeted Singapore Brand in 2017. The brand made it to the top by accepting the challenge of two customers in giving away free Peri-Peri Chicken at the Republic Polytechnic Orientation if they can gather 5,000 Retweets.

Twitter’s Honorable Mention

One worth mentioning memorable tweet, that reached 50,000 retweets and 90,000 likes, was Az’s disagreeing commentary of INSIDER’s tweet on why leftover rice could make you sick. Somehow, it turns out that majority of Asians enjoy eating leftover rice.

What do you think? Start following these accounts and keep updated on the latest trends and topics. #ThisHappened

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