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10 Cheap Halloween Party Ideas

One of the most expected holidays of the year is coming, and it is Halloween! Are you going to make an amazing party? Of course, you are! But we guess that your budget is limited, and you cannot spend all the money in the world on the party preparation. This is why we prepared ten cheap Halloween party ideas for you to have an amazing time without spending a lot of money.

  1. Old Wine Bottles

The old wine bottles with wax flowing from the top to the bottom would look amazing on the Halloween night! To add to the atmosphere, lit the candles inside them and turn off the lights. You would feel as if you are in the forsaken house.

  1. Thrift Shop for the Costume

The best ideas come exactly in the thrift shop, believe us! You will definitely find the crazy things there that could become your costume. Plus, you will save a lot of money. Thrift shops are amazing by the randomness of clothes sold there – do not miss the chance to have a special costume for the Halloween!

  1. Do Not Waste Any Part of the Pumpkin

Of course, you are going to carve the pumpkin. But to do it, you have to empty it completely. However, while the majority throws the inner parts away, we advise you to use each and every part of the pumpkin. You can fry the seeds with a bit of salt and serve it as a snack. And you can use the stingy part for the soup or bread.

We found this pumpkin carving tutorial on Halloween Express which provides some additional ideas on how you might make the most of your pumpkin.

  1. Black Sugar for the Cocktails

With the help of the food color, you can make your cocktails look amazing! Color the sugar into black, put the glass’s edges into it, and get the gothic look for your cocktails. It would look even more mysterious if the color of the cocktail is black! But even if it is not, any glass with any liquid inside it would look beautiful with the black sugar on top.

  1. Napkins in Blood

This is such a good way to add to the cheap Halloween decorations. What you have to do is buy the white napkins, and with the help of paint, create the “blood” spots. By the way, if you are worried you will have no time doing even that because you are overloaded with the tedious essays, relax because you have found us – the writing essay help service! Stop googling: “My essay writer,” and visit our website now!

  1. Jars with Creepy Things

All you have to do to create the creepy atmosphere for Halloween is do enough jars with colored water and the most random things inside. The latter can be the doll’s head or the plastic spider. After doing all that, attach the tags with the creepiest names.

10 Cheap Halloween Party Ideas - Alvinology

  1. Bloody Footprints

This is extremely cheap and really gothic! All you have to do is by the red paint, make sure you will be able to wipe it away, put your feet in it, and make a couple of steps inside your house on the visible spots. This might be one of the best party decorations!

  1. Drinks with Dry Ice

This would surprise your guests! It does not really matter what drink you are going to serve, but it has to be with the dry ice. The effect it gives is the beautiful smoke going from nowhere. The dry ice is pretty cheap, but the amazement of the guests is guaranteed.

10 Cheap Halloween Party Ideas - Alvinology

  1. Printable Wraps for Snacks

One of the best snack ideas is to print the wraps with different creepy names on it. It can be chocolate with the name “Have a fantastic Halloween” or the cookie saying “Boo” or “Eek”. The point is that the wrap has to be colorful and well done while the snack has to be tasty.

10 Cheap Halloween Party Ideas - Alvinology

  1. Halloween Costumes Contest

Nothing can make the party atmosphere more festive than the costume contest. Make sure your guests know that imagination and creativity are very welcome for their costumes. Whether they come as a Halloween skeleton or a witch, their outfit has to be competitive. If you are using the Halloween party themes, their costumes have to correspond to them.


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