In a post widely discussed on the ubiquitous and always-active HardwareZone forums, netizens reacting to SV2 Alex Voss’ acceptance into the Volunteer Corps have mixed opinions.

This reflects the charged view of most Singaporeans towards foreigners (specifically Caucasian people) who choose to live and work in Singapore.

The photo and post were originally put up on Facebook:

SV2 Voss is a surveyor by profession and a Briton by birth, according to his Facebook profile.

He is active on social media and is up-to-date on current events in the country–always with an opinion and a new update for other Singaporeans.

What do netizens think of this foreigner volunteering and being so serious about defending Singapore?

Here’s what Singaporeans and other commenters on the issue have to say:

One commented thought that the SV2 Voss was worth more than 1000 Singaporean service men.

One commented said that SV2 Voss was not healthy-looking.

Some said he looks fit but is nothing compared to most members of the infantry.

One surmised that this was all an elaborate plan to blog about Singaporean military and compare to the British side.

Others agreed with the first observation of his health.

This commenter had some assumptions about the main duties of foreigners volunteering in our military forces.

This one person wasn’t as quick to praise the foreigner based on the training they received.

Predictably, someone mentioned that the military should be happy anyone actually signs up.

Some of them even went off on the uniforms. It’s not like the soldiers get to choose.

How about you? What do you think of this foreigner who is so proud of being a member of the military? Let us know in the comments!