Unless you were living in a cave, you would know about the highly revolutionary controversial iPhone X design that recently went on sale.

While it comes with top-notched modern functionalities on par or even exceeding other flagship phones in the market, one particular feature caused all kinds of contention among netizens.

The iPhone X bump (or notch).

Opinions about the iPhone X bump were highly divisive. Many fanboys laud the iconic Apple design, while many other fanboys and Apple haters alike thinks that the bump is the ugliest iPhone design ever.

While many were debating about the bump, not many can experience using the iPhone X for themselves due to its highly prohibitive price of USD 999. That’s the kind of price you buy a laptop with, not a phone.

Until today.

Developed by Singapore mobile app development consultancy Originally US, “Turn On A Notch” is a 100% free and ad-free app that simulates BOTH the iPhone X bump and rounded corner display on your Android phones. While there are other apps in the market that can add a bump to your phone, this is the only one that adds both the bump and rounded corners to fully simulate using iPhone X.

Here’s a video of the app in action, taken from their official youtube page.

And a sample screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

We tried using our phone with the app for a day. Having the bump and rounded corners surprisingly grew on us and we felt that the overall experience is aesthetically pleasing. However, while trying to get real things done on our phones, we felt that the bump is extremely distracting and sometimes steals our attention away from what was happening on the screen.

‘Turn On A Notch’ offers individual settings for the iPhone X bump and rounded screen corners. At the end of the day, we have decided to keep the app while disabling the bump and leaving the rounded screen corner feature on, which really gives our phones an infinity display feel like Samsung Note 8 and iPhone X without annoying us or obscuring any important content on the screen.

Give ‘Turn On A Notch‘ a spin and let us know what you think about that iPhone X bump!