Usually, when you would change your profile picture, it’s simply an interesting post on Facebook. All your friends would like, put a heart or share. You can expect judgments whispered in private chatrooms–but never to your face.

But when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong changes his photo, it’s a national event!

Take a look at his new “best face forward.”

What do netizens have to say about this new profile photo? Take a look:

On the photo itself, people praised and gave support to the Prime Minister, and commented how his bright, happy smile was a delight.

But on other online forums, the reception wasn’t quite as warm:

This person just wanted people to stop giving PM Lee attention.

Here is someone who couldn’t believe the words of thanks given to PM Lee.

Someone was kind of enough to explain why some Singaporeans would not like PM Lee to be smiling as such.

Other people likened him to Sauron. Would that be going a bit too far?

Someone took issue with the fawning over the profile photo.

Someone made a joke about how PM Lee hands out citizenships.

PM Lee is currently in Manila, Philippines, for the ASEAN Summit. What do you think of his new profile photo?

Image via Shutterstock.