ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

I never thought I will ever say this because I hate going back for reservist in Changi Naval Base, but ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Navy once again.

I just completed a three weeks reservist, doing round-the-clock sentry duties at the base. How come I never bump in ME1 Clarie Teo even once???? I am now looking forward to my next reservist cycle to try and spot her the next time I am on sentry duty – so I can detain her and get her autograph. 

If you do not know who she is, here is an introduction video:

Clarie is like the poster girl for the Singapore Navy at the moment. From her profile, she seems a down-to-earth, girl-next-door kind whom all guys will go gaga over.

Here’s a bonus video I found of Clarie doing a song cover to melt young boys’ hearts:

I am surprised she bothered replying a lot of random questions on Here are some of the best replies which will reveal a bit more about her:

Note: all pictures on this post are from Clarie's public account
Note: all pictures on this post are from Clarie’s public account

Guards or commando?
Commando? 🙂

Do you go clubbing on Saturday nights?
Sometimes! But now hardly, I am old already hahaha.

where is your work place?
Changi Naval Base and Benoi Yard 😉

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

Can I get ur kik or snapchat id plz?

can i follow you on instagram?:)
sure! clarie_acacia 🙂
Whats your wordpress link? 🙂

Which do you prefer Sliver or Gold? You cannot choose both.
IPPT? Gold. Jewellery? Rose Gold. Money? Gold.

Hmm are you an introvert or extrovert?
introvert actually.

How did they choose you for the backpage?
Like did they one day just suddenly ask you out of the blue? Something like that! one day, my officer onboard received a call from the team, after that he asked if I am okay to be featured and yup 😉

You are peranakan?
yes I am! 🙂

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

Is it difficult being part of the navy? What type of work do you do?
I’m an engineer onboard one of the navy’s frigate. Well, life as a marine engineer isn’t easy but it’s all about loving what you do and to do it with the team

how you celebrating your valentine day ?
Hmmm, I don’t celebrate because I don’t find it special at all!

How do you described your personality?
Fucked up. hahaha

Have you try Sky Diving? And you think SG should allow one? 
Never! but it’s in my Bucket List though! 🙂 Maybe? but not with the haze

Why are you so pretty?
I don’t think i am?

What made you decide to join the forces and what do you think is the difference between girls who choose the normal route (office jobs) and girls serving the nation?
Every job has their own purpose and it all boils down to what you really enjoy and how you see yourself in it. I believe being in the forces lets you have more insight and experience outdoor compared to an office job.

Hi do you smoke .. cos your smoking hot
Hahahahahaa what kind of line is that. No I don’t

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

what do you do during your free time?
I don’t have much free time actually. Mostly sleep, catching up with my friends and back to back appointments.

What flavour of cream you like , chocolate , vanilla , strawberry , orange Hmm strawberry?
I can’t consume chocolate and I don’t like orange less the fruit itself.

Would you ever date your guy best friend? 🙂
date?! like go out together? yes.

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

Do guys come up to you in public for your number?
hmm, I don’t think I encounter one that asked for my number directly before!

what made you want to sign on? passion/interest?
I’ve always wanted to try out sailing as my career, especially after studying marine engineering! and being in the navy is really good, it’s like a big family

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?
they gave me too much freedom with no curfews since young! and i didnt do well on my studies! so I don’t think I’ll give my kids so much freedom!

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

When was your first relationship?
:p it was during year one of poly! 2010 I think, on the midnight of my birthday 🙂 that’s my first and only relationship!

How do you stay skinny?
hmm, I try to eat healthily now a days because I usually snack a lot! and my fat percentage is really high, so I’m not healthily skinny! 🙁
but the daily PT in tekong and camp does help!

Where are you going to further your studies my dear?
I’ve been offered 3 local placings! but I’m really unsure, so I’ll probably seek for advice 🙂 but I’m most probably going NTU for Mechanical Engineering!

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

so you’ll be headed for furthering your studies after the 4 years of your bond with the navy?
I hope I can further my studies halfway through, if i am not deployed for sailing! 🙂 currently I’m in training school undergoing my basic specialization course before I am posted to ship in October!

How many guys have you rejected?
ahhhh, why do you ask such a question! well not many, it’s not nice to turn people down. I’ll be honest from the start if I’m really not interested 🙂

What was your cumulative gpa back in poly?
Hmm, I cant remember my exact gpa, but its 3.98 something!

Ever want to try naked suntan on a beach??
hmmm, if i have a nice body i will! but right now, nooooooooo 🙂

If you were given a flight ticket and be able to choose the destination, where will it be and why?:)
maldives~ its a relaxing place & i love the sun, sea/water.

what made you sign in the force?
my mum, she always wanted me to be part of the force! and i guess, personally, i wanted to do so.

Hi! Mm. Is there anyway we could be friends? 🙂
we can be friends on facebook! here you go, 🙂

What is your dream? (:
a typical, simple one! to 1. further my studies and be promoted, 2. succeed in my career, 3. marry a great man, 4. have 2 sons. (dreaming on)

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

How do you celebrate your 21st this year? *so excited to know about it*
I honestly don’t like celebrating birthdays. hmm, I had a few days of celebration with my different groups of friends, family and relatives. but not a big one, because I had to book in at night for SAF Day parade the next day.

I like the way you smell! What soap/shampoo do you use? 🙂
when did you even smell? I use shower foam from body shop, and my shampoo are the herbal essence range

what do you do in the navy everyday?
my daily routine is very standard for the past few months. NDP rehearsals twice a week, Monday off, and the rest of the days, I’ll have lessons/practicals/workshops/tests and not forgetting PT/cardio exercises!

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

Hey pretty! There’s a rumor that your dad is from the Navy too, ME5 or something. Is it true? ^^
I get this question a lot. Like you said, it’s a rumor! So it’s up to you/people to believe or not!

Do you get a lot of attention in the navy? everyone seems to know you
hmm, they only recognize me because there’s very little girls & probably because of cyber pioneer’s picture of me? but everyone is treated fairly and I prefer to keep a low profile!

Did you spot Clarie at Zoukout?
Did you spot Clarie at Zoukout?

Do you wear bikini?? If so which bikini is your favourite?
I do! But I hardly wear them now, I’m in camp almost everydayyyy! Hmm, I like stripes one, one I own from Topshop!

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

Will u mind.if ur bf is not from navy??
Hahahaha of course not!! Love isn’t controlled in this manner! Though it’ll be nice, cause he will then understand what I’m doing or facing! 🙂

What’s your idea guy like?
Hmm, a family man! I tend to stick to my family a lot, so he has to be able to do so with me?
I prefer tanned, muscular guys? Those who love outdoor & the sun! Well, that’s because I’m really tan haha! There’s too many to list out!

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

ever given oral sex
What do you think? 🙂

What is the results of every stations of IPPT? Pretty curious to know girl! my results?
hmm, I can’t remember clearly! but I took IPPT thrice this year, it’s all close.
2.4 Run – 11.52mins (12.45 to gold)
Sit Ups – 30 (28 to gold)
Shuttle Run – 11.6 (my worst station)
Inclined – 13 (12 to gold)
Standing Broad Jump – 190 (186 to gold)
anyway, it’s really easy for girls to get gold! 😉

What do you think of guys that smoke?
I have many friends who smoke! in fact my family has smokers. I’m perfectly fine with it! but I won’t want myself to smoke 🙂

How to approach you as a stranger?
hmm, “hi, i am XXX. nice to meet you” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. kidding ^^

Do you have any fetishes?
I do! in fact I have a few 🙂

share some of your fetishes? 😉
I have a fetish for young toddlers like boys, I love staring at them. and old man too, like ah gong (grandfather) kind! I don’t know why. I find them adorable!

What CCA were you in during your duration in SP and in Secondary School?
hmm, in SP I was in canoe for awhile, till I left, then I took over my academic club and was in student council! I tried touch rug (but wasn’t good!)
when I was younger, I was in band (playing the clarinet), swimming, track!

What’s your opinion towards guys in uniform?
I like guys in uniform, they literally stand out. hahahaha. but well, like to see only 🙂

What’s your chinese name?
I don’t have a Chinese name registered in my IC. but it is 张巧丽! 🙂

What was the worst date?
dates that are boring/annoying! probably doing things that I don’t enjoy, but I’ll still do it for the sake of respecting the person!

Okay this next one is going to break the fragile hearts of many fanboys…. she is attached. Sorry guys. Anyway, if you are thinking of signing on to the Navy because of Clarie, please think carefully because it is a very big life decision. She said so herself:

Wow! You’re seriously beautiful! I wanna sign on to the Navy already ma’am!!
wow, thank you 🙂 hahaha signing on is a life changing decision!! better think carefully!! 🙂

ME1 Clarie Teo is making me love the Singapore Navy - Alvinology

You and ur bf is so cute tgt!!!!!! I envy him. I bet a lot of guys are jealous too!! :/ How did he go after you? Ur both regulars yet still so loving, got time meh?
Hahahaha, awww thank you :”) He will be happy to hear that! And that’s not true! No one is jealous haha.
Hmm he didn’t need to go after me 🙂 It happened with we were apart through long distance! Haha
thank you from both of us 🙂


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