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Former Triple Nine actress Wong Li Lin is now Executive Director of the Singapore’s Public Hygiene Council

Remember Wong Li Lin from her days in Triple Nine? She came closer to her role in that drama more than ever, thanks to her new job as Executive Director of Singapore’s Public Hygiene Council, according to reports.

While not strictly a police officer, she is now the face of the agency that’s tasked to making Singapore’s streets clean.

Wait, she’s what, now?

The 45-year-old former actress has also been a ballerina, a pilates instructor, a media company director and now, your newest high-profile, public servant.

She found out about the opening in the government early this year and sat down for interviews to see if she could get the job.

It may not be a surprise that she did, as the agency is set to launch a campaign about keeping Singapore’s street’s and citizens more hygienic through proper public and personal hygiene practices.

Can she do the job?

What’s important to know about her, is that she isn’t just an actress. According to reports, Wong Li-Lin has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and media, which may give her a different but exceptional set of tools to do the job.

She studied ballet in the Royal Ballet School in London and when she left show business, she also finished a Master’s Degree in Anthropology at the University of Surrey.

She is also the mother of two children, ages 11 and 13.

What’s her role there?

She essentially leads the agency that’s required to make the policies for Singaporean hygiene something understandable and relatable for the people on the ground.

While she gets stares and requests for autographs, Li-Lin says that she is more than ready and has the experience for this sort of work.

She said she used to keep her profile quite low and preferred to focus on work, but now she thinks she can use her fame to get the message and function of the PHC across.

What are her plans for her new position?

Aside from not being afraid to use her popularity as an actress, she says that she’s pinpointed races and beaches as one of her first areas of concern.

Good luck with your new job, Li-Lin!

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