Review: Why the Speedform Fortis 3 from Under Armour is your best bet at running

When it comes to running, one thing mustn’t go wrong.

Needless to say, it has got to be the running shoes that will be carrying you through your journey.

Well, for a running enthusiast like myself, I’d put my money on the latest Speedform Fortis 3 from Under Armour.

Aside from being one of the most comfortable running shoes, here’s why this pair is your best bet at an enjoyable running experience.

Unrivalled comfort and fit as you pound the tracks

The last thing you’d want as you’re pounding the tracks is an uncomfortable pair of running shoes.

Under Armour gets that because the newest Fortis 3 comes with thick cushion – ensuring you get nothing short of comfort during your runs.

Not only does the Dual-layer Charged Cushioning® midsole provides immense cushion for the feet, it lends greater durability to the shoes as well.

If you have noticed, running shoes tend to wear out fast given the increased pressure and force placed upon them while you are wearing it. As with Speedform Fortis 3, that is certainly the least of your worries.

Running enthusiasts will find it perfect for training and mid-distance runs

If you’re zealous about running like me, there is just no pair more suitable than the Speedform Fortis 3.

Easily power through your running routine with an impeccable design that offers comfort and fit without compromising on performance. Fret not, the thick and comfy sole does little to slow you down, especially for those short bursts of sprints high-intensity interval training.

In fact, the multi-surface traction outsole pattern is engineered to grip any surface so running in rainy weather with is a piece of cake.

Besides, don’t underestimate what a snug pair of athletic shoes can do to your running regime. It can make a world of difference – even giving you more motivation to complete that extra kilometre.

Since I have gone about my usual evening runs in Fortis 3, it has easily become a breeze, especially given how lightweight the shoes are. The thick and comfy sole also helps a great deal in cushioning any form of force I might have unknowingly placed upon my shoes.

Stay stylish and snug while powering through your run

What’s more, this stylish threadborne look never grows old.

The intricately embroidered upper provides more than breathability – where it also offers the integral structure and support for your feet. In fact, the entire structure of Fortis 3 is designed in such a way that offers flexibility optimal for all the running action, as the  internal ankle bootie ensures a snug and supportive fit.

Whether you are an amateur who simply enjoys running as a pastime or an avid runner prepping for your next marathon, you can’t go wrong with the latest offering from Under Armour.

Better yet, the Speedform Fortis 3 is now available for both men and women, so everyone can enjoy this wonderful pair of running shoes.

There is literally no going back after trying on these formidable Fortis 3 and there’s only one way for you to find out.

Find out more information about Speedform Fortis 3 (Women) from Under Armour here

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