Fyr (pronounced as ‘Fire’) is simply a breath of fresh (and fiery air) in the culinary scene and you’ll know why after a gastronomic experience at this whimsical restaurant.

Well, your palate is in for a treat as it will be intrigued by the Asian spin the Indonesian chef puts on your usual European cuisine. This particular chef was previously educated in a French culinary school and has since, drawn upon European influences in his culinary creations.

Iberico Pork Secreto, S$18 (standard) and S$32 (grande).

Given his origins in Indonesia, it is little wonder that he infuses an Asian element into his dishes.

On that very same note, you will relish the Asian touch as it evokes a sense of familiarity in a seemingly Western dish. The only way you can find out is to taste it yourself and here’s what you have to try at the avant-garde dining establishment.

Fyr signatures you can’t miss

Iberico Pork Tomahawk, S$46.00 (serves 2-3 pax). 

For pork- and non-pork lovers alike, nothing can go wrong with this main dish. The thick and succulent slices of porks take centrestage in this signature, especially with how flavoursome and juicy it is.

It also comes with roasted rum infused pineapple on the side, which makes for a sweeter flavour to balance out the taste of the pork in case it comes across too overwhelming.

The pineapples in help to cleanse and enliven your palate so you can help yourself to another serving.

Iberico Pork Tomahawk, S$46.00 (serves 2-3 pax). 

Iberico Pork Tomahawk is in fact, similar to Iberico Pork Secreto but the latter comes with leaner cuts. Regardless, both are equally fantastic-tasting and the former is recommend for sharing given its copious portions of meat.

There is even a Caveman Supper (S$150) available for the ultra meat-lover. It comes replete with pork knuckle, bone-in shortribs, free-range yellow chicken, lamb ribs, bone marrow, pork belly, tripe, and roasted vegetables.

Aside from a carnivorous feast, it is slated to be a feast for the eyes for the server will be lighting the meat platter up on fire. When it comes to that, it will truly be an unforgettable fyr-ed up experience. 

Prime Ribeye, S$48.

If there’s one thing a beef lover needs to order, it’s hands-down the tender and juicy Prime Ribeye. The smokiness adds to the sapid flavour of the steak and is very well complemented by sweet-tasting momotaro tomatos.

Scallops, Prawns & Chorizo Rice, S$26.

This Scallops, Prawns & Chorizo Rice comes replete with a potpourri of sweet, tangy and savoury flavours from the fresh seafood and fragrant chorizo rice. It is topped off with palatable sauces like garlic aioli and shaved bonito, adding more crunch and flavour to this diverse mix of ingredients.

You can even have these small plates as bar nosh

Fret not, Fyr has you covered if you’re looking for bar nosh. These gourmet small plates will redefine bar bites for you.

Duck Foie Gras, S$16 (standard portion) and S$26 (grande portion). 

Elegantly plated, the chef marries the contrasting flavours of foie gras, mango jelly as well as peanut sauce really well. The savoury spring onion crepe adds a lightly savoury taste to this eclectic dish.

Wagyu Striploin, S$22 (standard) and S$36 (striploin).

When it comes to this stunning plate of Wagyu Striploin, the chef takes it up a notch by pairing this A2 Wagyu beef with date sauce. This particular sauce shines with a piquant flavour you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, without stealing the limelight from the key ingredient.

While date sauce may be the last thing you’d imagine to go so perfectly with wagyu strips, this novel pairing certainly brings out the flavour of the beef even more.

Freshwater Prawns, S$22 (standard – 3 pieces) and S$36 (grande – 5 pieces). 

Seafood lovers simply can’t say no to these savoury freshwater prawns, which are served alongside saffron rouille and added with a touch of lemon dust. The prawns are huge and tender with a burst of flavour upon biting into these toothsome delights.

These small plates come in two sizes – standard and grande, making them ideal for sharing. In other words, Fyr is perfect for group gatherings when everyone wants to try a bit of everything without feeling too sated.

Fyr dishes up flavours that are nothing short of experimental and bold

Paris Mushroom, S$10.

Foodies who are seeking for something lighter on the palate will adore Paris Mushroom, which comes with a poached egg and laksa beurre blanc.

No, you’re not seeing things because the chef does use laksa in this emulsified ‘white butter (directly translated from ‘beurre blanc’ in French). This is one of many dishes the chef imbues an Asian flavour into his culinary creations.

Black Sticky Rice, S$12.

Even in the dessert department, the chef experiments with novel ways to surprise your tastebuds.

This Black Sticky Rice is not an overkill when it comes to its sweetness level as the glutinous rice is not overly sweet and the coconut ice-cream is more refreshing than sugary.

The sesame tuile gives a savoury taste and more bite to this indulgent treat, which is bound to round up your meal on a high note.

Aside from being a watering hole, Fyr is easily a go-to spot to satiate your fix for gourmet eats. Given its generous portions, it is also more than perfect for group gatherings and carnivorous foodies who can’t get enough of meat. 


19 Boon Tat St,

Singapore 069619

Opening hours:

11.30am-11pm daily Monday through Thursday 

11.30am – 12am on Fridays, 5.30pm – 11pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.