Coolio set to perform for the first time in Singapore at The Podium Lounge; says he’s just gone vegan and pescatarian!

Singapore F1 is here and aside from the races, attractions, food, and fanfare, everyone can expect the awesome after-parties lined up for the night-loving crowd.

The Podium Lounge hosts its 9th annual Singapore F1 After-party series with Grammy award-winning rapper Coolio on September 16, 2017. was able to speak with him and talk about what he expects in Singapore, his music and his cooking!

Take a look:

What’s new/upcoming for you in music?

Coolio: I’ve been perfecting some new styles as I am working on a new project which I’m very excited about.

What can fans expect from your first performance in Singapore? 

Coolio: I’ll definitely be giving my fans a little bit of everything – old, new, tracked, live, inspirational and gangsta! I’m looking forward to performing at The Podium Lounge – I’ve heard it’s the party of the year.

What else do you plan to do in Singapore since it will be your first trip?

Coolio: I’m not sure and I don’t have any plans at the moment.  I’m going to go with the flow as that’s usually the best way to do things when you’re in a new place.

You’re well-known here for your top tracks like Gangsta’s Paradise, C U When You Get There. Will you be performing these and what else?

Coolio: Of course. Like I said earlier, I will give my fans a little bit of everything!

How is your second career coming along – Cooking?

Coolio: I just recently turned vegan/pescatarian, so I’m very excited as I am learning many new methods and flavors as I expand my styles and menus.

On your kooky hair – what do you do to maintain it?! How do you plan to maintain it in Singapore as our weather here is humid. 

Coolio: The same as I always do. My hair is very resilient and can withstand all environments and weather conditions fortunately!


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