Traveloka sponsors USD 100,000 Asia's Got Talent grand prize, sets up the Traveloka Award category - Alvinology

Traveloka sponsors USD 100,000 Asia’s Got Talent grand prize, sets up the Traveloka Award category

This coming Asia’s Got Talent has Traveloka to thank for sponsoring the USD 100,000 grand prize! What’s more, the most inspiring story from the contestants stands a chance to win a special award from Traveloka.

Mr. Christian Suwarna, Traveloka SVP of Business Development of Traveloka spills the details on why the travel booking company has partnered with Asia’s Got Talent to fulfill contestants’ dreams.

Traveloka sponsors USD 100,000 Asia's Got Talent grand prize, sets up the Traveloka Award category - Alvinology

What is Traveloka looking for in “the most inspiring story” from the contestants?

The “Traveloka Awards” for Asia’s Got Talent (AGT 2017) is Traveloka’s initiative to appreciate participants with the most inspiring stories across regions.

In this category, Traveloka will be looking at the talent of the participants, and how their passion and attempts to try and win the competition are closely connected with support from family and friends.

We acknowledge that main reason why participants want to participate in the competition is to make family or friends proud of them and/or to provide a better living quality for their families. This is mirrored by the  wholehearted support from the family and friends of participants.

Traveloka understands that the road to win this competition is far from easy, which is why Traveloka is awarding participants with unique stories about overcoming hardship in their journey to win AGT 2017, especially with support from family/friends.

The idea of “Traveloka Awards” comes from Traveloka’s objectives to connect family and friends across the region with our easy and reliable travel booking experience.

Aside from this current prize sponsorship, do you have any other existing (or planned) partnerships the public should know about?

Supporting regional events like Asia’s Got Talent 2017 has become our focus as we have now established our presence in six ASEAN countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Therefore, it’s natural for us to support initiatives that resonate to the community in the region. One of these is the SEA Games 2017.

We’re excited to support KL2017, as both the SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games exemplify the spirit of perseverance and sportsmanship, bringing together the finest athletes in the region.

Aligning with that, Traveloka aspires to achieve a similar level of excellence by becoming everyone’s go-to online travel booking platform across Southeast Asia.

What does Traveloka wish to gain from the partnership with Asia’s Got talent?

Through Asia’s Got Talent 2017, Traveloka aims to encourage people to chase their dreams, empower the region’s talent, and facilitate the need for people to connect.

While Traveloka has a great end-to-end travel experience, what are your future plans to enhance the user experience?

We’ve been always committed to providing the best travel experience for all our customers and localization of content with strong resonance is our main focus for the next couple of years.

We believe customers should be able to book their trip comfortably and without worry in their native language, pay with local currency and through familiar and local payment methods (there are over 40 payment methods on Traveloka) and interact with our customer service in their local language.

See more details on Asia’s Got Talent on their official website.

Check out what Traveloka has in store for travelers on their site.

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