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Qantas offers $579 flight to Sydney, special web series for Singaporeans in Australia

Qantas has teamed up with Destination New South Wales (DNSW) to launch “Meet the Sydneyporeans”, a three-part video mini-series featuring Singaporeans living in Sydney.

The series “Meet the Sydneyporeans” will be featured on a special website and Qantas’ YouTube channel.

The specially-developed website also features information about the locations featured in the series so that travellers can customize their own itineraries.

Curated by Singaporeans

The series offers something for every type of traveler, from the adventure seekers, to those seeking family fun or foodie-trails. The offerings are all curated by Singaporeans who are now experts, having lived in New South Wales and discovered local gems that will appeal to fellow Singaporeans.

Here’s the official trailer:

Produced by FALCON Agency, the first series of three episodes features a family, a young couple, as well as Sydneyporean Audra Morrice, popular MasterChef Australia 2012 contestant and more recently a judge on MasterChef Asia in 2015.

In each episode, the Sydneyporeans bring viewers on a tour of their favourite spots across New South Wales. In the episode featuring Audra, viewers are taken on a gastronomy trail around Sydney, featuring spots popular with Singaporeans as well as hidden restaurant gems in Sydney’s city fringes.

Special deal for Singaporeans

From now until 31 August, Qantas is offering exceptional fare deals to Sydney, from S$579 in economy class and S$3,549 in business class. To book, visit the Qantas website.

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