While you may have heard of a robotic vacuum cleaner, one that also watches over your home is indeed a rare gem.

Well, the latest Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ from LG will arrest your attention with a wide spectrum of capabilities.

It has all you need in a vacuum cleaner sans the noise and hassle. If you’re thinking of switching out the current vacuum cleaner you have, here’s why you should do so – in a heartbeat.

HomeView doubles as home surveillance

One impressive feature of this smart robotic vacuum cleaner lies in its HomeView capability. You are able to see what is happening inside your home from either your Android smartphone or iPhone, via the mounted camera.

LG HomBot Square has Triple Eye 3.0™, allowing it to watch over your home.

The upgraded Triple Eye 3.0™ touts of a front camera that activates as a securing camera. While the upper camera maps out the house for cleaning even in low light condition, the lower camera scans the pattern of the floor. No stone is left unturned as the Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ can clean dark areas, even those under the furniture.

This certainly gives parents with young children or elderly parents at home a piece of mind, particularly with real-time monitoring function. You can also easily check on the situation at home from work or wherever you are – so long you are connected to the network.

The Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner is able to return to the Home charging station on its own, with a speaking guidance in up to 7 languages.

Besides, the Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ alerts you if there is any movement in your home in the Home Guard mode. Any time there is a movement detected within its camera view, it sends the image to your phone.

Now you can rest at ease knowing that your loved ones are safe while you are out at work.

Your trusty cleaning guru even when no one’s home

These longer side brushes ensure effective corner cleaning, even the tough corners.

As you zip around town running your errands, you can schedule cleaning at home easily through an application. Despite the absence of supervision, the vacuum cleaner can gauge how far the obstacles are with.

The digital bumpers the Hom-Bot is equipped with are superior to conventional bumpers, thus minimising collision. Moreover, in the learning mode, it remembers locations of cliffs and obstacles during and after cleaning while adjusting speed and sensor sensitivity to suit the situation.

Put shortly, you can entrust the cleaning in your home into the safe hands of LG Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ without worrying that your furniture will be knocked over.

What’s more, the Hom-Bot comes with a Mapping Resume Function, which remembers the areas it has cleaned before so the same places are not repeated. clean the same areas repeatedly.

You can even have a full live view and control the Hom-Bot manually through a joystick on screen (directional control and button to navigate the Hom-Bot forward).

If not, the hands-free way would be to kick back and relax while your handy Hom-Bot does the cleaning, at just the push of a button.

Various cleaning modes to suit your preference

Depending on your preferences, you can now take your pick between ‘cell-by-cell’, ‘zig-zag’ and ‘spiral’ modes for cleaning. If you opt for ‘cell-by-cell’, the robotic cleaner will complete cleaning for a cell before it moves on to the next.

As for ‘zig-zag’ mode, the Hom-Bot navigates in a zig-zag manner unless it faces an obstruction. Even when an object stands in its way, the smart vacuum cleaner is able to detect and manoeuvre around it. For thorough spot cleaning, the ‘spiral’ mode can do that perfectly well.

It even comes with a brush cleaner to get rid of the tough dirt.

Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ also boasts of powerful turbo cleaning yet functions quietly and at low noise – 60dB(A).

As compared to ordinary Ni-MH battery, the robotic vacuum cleaner uses long lasting lithium polymer battery that has a longer cycle life. Besides, there is no memory effect so the battery life for the vacuum cleaner can run longer.

Paying attention to the details

The Easy Out dustbin even comes with a handy brush for optimal cleaning or to get any stubborn dirt out of the way.

In essence, the Hom-Bot goes way beyond than a simple vacuum cleaner as much attention is paid to even the tiniest of details.

When it comes to the ergonomic design of this vacuum cleaner, even the most intricate aspects matter.  The dust bin is designed such that it is much more handy, relative to other slide-out type dust bins.

The Easy Out dustbin is also easily detached from the vacuum cleaner for ease and convenience.

In comparison to other types of motor, the Smart Inverter Motor used in this vacuum cleaner has lesser friction. The exceptional durability and battery performance are certainly the last of your concerns, especially with the 10 years’ parts warranty.

Smart Ecosystem with LG Smart ThinQ™

Apart from the compelling features of this smart vacuum cleaner, we are amazed by the ease of controlling the Hom-Bot Square through Smart ThinQ™.

Further, this application is compatible with both Android and iOS software – Tag On feature is only applicable for the former due to its ability to use Near Field Communication (NFC). Android users can just tap their smartphones on top of the Hom-Bot and further instructions will be given to pair the devices.

As for iPhone users, they will have to connect to the Hom-Bot WiFi with the given network ID and password before it is paired with the smart vacuum cleaner.

Through this smart platform, you are able to manage not only your Hom-Bot Square Turbo+ but also your other LG appliances in a systematic fashion; and within a smart ecosystem.

Regardless of its surveillance or cleaning capabilities, the Hom-Bot Square VR66820VMNC is unrivalled in its market.

It is little wonder this smart robotic vacuum cleaner is seen as a bellwether for future vacuum cleaners. Won’t you say so?

Find out more about this game-changing vacuum cleaner Hom-Bot Square VR66820VMNC here.