Ang Moh man opens Thai durian stall in Queen Street - Alvinology

Ang Moh man opens Thai durian stall in Queen Street

Besides Luke, a vegetarian Ang Moh blogger who partnered with a Singaporean to sell durians – Durian Ang Moh – at Block 681 Hougang Ave 4, there’s another Ang Moh selling durians in town.

Located at Queen Street, Australian businessman Mr Phillip George Laskaris teamed up with Singaporean poet and copywriter Marc Ashley to open Yu Lian, a durian stall that sells only Thai durians.

But why sell Thai durians?

“Just every other durian stall sells the same old Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, D24, XO. We want to bring to people who love durian a different variety of durians from our plantations in Thailand…quality that we can ensure with a taste that always delivers,” said Mr Marc.

All the durians at Yu Lian come from Mr Laskaris’ wife family-owned plantations in Thailand. Depending on the season, variety, grade and condition, durians are priced between $25 and $45. There are some varieties that can range between $120 and 150 and above, but these are limited in supply.

Yu Lian’s regular varieties are Monthong (which means “golden pillow”) which is a big fruit with small seeds and big chunks of flesh; Kanyao (also Ganyao) is a small to medium soccer ball-shaped fruit that has smooth, golden yellow flesh with a bittersweet flavour; Chanee a medium to large size fruit that has bright yellow flesh and more bittersweet flavour; and Puang Manee has extremely sweet and creamy flesh.

Ang Moh man opens Thai durian stall in Queen Street - Alvinology

Yu Lian is located at Block 269 Queen Street, 01-234 (right opposite the Bugis+ taxi stand). It is open from 5pm to 1am daily. As durian is a seasonal fruit, do check with the owners before going down. Tel: 6909-3522 or e-mail [email protected].

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