Nikon celebrates its 100th anniversary on 25th July, 2017 and as part of its centennial anniversary celebrations, Nikon has teamed up with long-standing Nikon photographers such as Underwater Photographer Aaron Wong and Host and Social Media Personality Jemma Wei.

They were tasked to develop a three-part online video series that pays homage to Nikon enthusiasts for their continued support.

Take a look at the first two videos here:

Aaron Wong, Professional Underwater Photographer, sits down with his father, a Nature Photographer, as they talk about how Nikon has bridged two different fields of photography to leave a lasting impact across two generations.

Join their contest

Five Nikon enthusiasts, including Host and Social Media Personality Jemma Wei, will share their fondest photography moments for the last video.

Read our interview with Jemma to learn more about her.

They’re asking Nikon users to join their photo contest. Nikon users are encouraged to share, “What is your fondest photography moment?”

The prize? A Nikon 100th Anniversary Tote Bag. Here are the contest details:

  1. This contest will be up 21 July, 2017 at 12:00pm – GMT+8.
  2. Participants are required to complete the following steps to qualify for the contest: Simply share what your fondest photography moment is in the Facebook comments section.
  3. Winners of the contest will win a Nikon 100th Anniversary Tote Bag.
  4. The five favourite entries will be announced on 24 July, 2017 by Nikon Singapore and decisions are final.

Did you join the contest? Let us see what you posted!