Recently, The White Company produced a few new items to augment the British Airways’ long-haul flight passenger’s traveling experience. If you’ve been on a trip from New York JFK to Heathrow, you know every little bit of luxury on the plane really does help to make the trip easier.

Better beddings means better shut-eye

Here’s what Club World customers may enjoy in their next flight thanks to The White Company:

  1. Bespoke pillow with one side made of crisp cotton and the other side a cosy grey fabric.
  2. Soft-woven ultra-comfy blanket with satin trim.
  3. Luxury duvet
  4. Extra padded mattress

Aside from the new additions to the sleeping arrangements, new chic amenity kits are being rolled out. The new Club World amenity kits come in a newly-designed bag from The White Company. The kits contain products from the retailer’s ‘Restore & Relax Spa Collection’, such as as a super-soft jersey eye-mask.

Measures to ensure uninterrupted sleep

Breakfast cards will also be given out so customers can select if they wish to be woken for breakfast and if so, what they would like. In the autumn, a new restaurant-style premium dining service will begin in Club World, with display trolleys allowing customers to select dishes from a choice of freshly prepared starters and desserts served on new table settings.

You can see more amenities and features of British Airways flights here.