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How to read Facebook messages without being “Seen”

We’ve all been there. The boss sent a message, but we don’t want to let them know we’ve seen it so we can figure out a reply. You just told your mom and dad about something they surely won’t approve of, and you don’t want them to know you’ve seen their reply.

Or you may just want to mess with someone. The reasons for wanting to read a message on Facebook without being “Seen” are endless, and we understand. We want to be able to do it too. That’s Facebook mastery right there.

Whatever the situation is, there are a few ways ways we know on how to read Facebook messages (on your phone, laptop or desktop) without triggering that “Seen” on the other person’s phone:

Method 1: Show message content in notifications

This works for mobile devices. If the message is short, you’ll be able to see the content without going to the messaging app. Depending on your phone, Facebook messenger version, or the operating system, the system lets you see message previews. Make sure you go into your notification settings and activate message previews.

You may only be able to see a part of the message if it’s too long but at least you don’t have to face it head-on yet.

Method 2: Airplane mode

Who knew that this mode wasn’t just for going on an aircraft or charging your battery at a much faster rate? You can use your phone’s airplane mode to see that message without triggering “Seen.”

Once the message comes in, make sure the app is open in the background. You can also go to the message list–but don’t click on the message yet!

Turn on “Airplane Mode” on your device. Once it’s on, open the message. As long as the preview has been loaded, you’ll be able to read the message without being “seen.” After you’ve read it, CLOSE THE APP

Once you turn Airplane Mode on again, though, the “Seen” will come up on the other person’s device when you open Facebook Messenger.

Method 3: Use an app

There are apps to block that “Seen” function. You can use Unseenly for Facebook mobile messenger. There’s also a Chrome extension called FBUnseen that you could install if you’re on Google Chrome.

If you’re one of those tech-savvy people who block ads using Ad Blocker Premium, you can just add this URL to the list of addresses that should be blocked, according to Lifehacker:$xmlhttprequest

Method 4: Separate browser windows on desktop

This will only work if you’re already anticipating someone’s message. What you can do is open that person’s message tab on a Facebook page on a different browser. Split your screen. You can do this by resizing the browser windows so that each fits half the screen. 

When the message comes in, you can just read it on the other window. Make sure not to click that window, though, or else you’ll be “seen.”

The “Seen” function is also available on other messaging apps such as iMessage on iOS, WhatsApp, LINE and Viber. Some people see this function as an “invasion of privacy” while others don’t seem to mind.

Still, these things are handy to know. Have you ever wanted to get rid of this function? Or are you all right with the feature? Let us know in the comments!

Want to know how to completely disappear from the internet that those “Seen” features won’t matter anymore? Here’s how.

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