Baby tree kangaroo arrives at Singapore Zoo - Alvinology

Baby tree kangaroo arrives at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is now home to one-tenth of the global population of endangered Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos under human care, with the arrival of a precious and adorable joey.

With this birth, Singapore Zoo becomes the proud guardian of five of these tree kangaroos, which are managed under a Global Species Management Plan (GSMP).

The plan involves co-ordinated efforts of participating zoos in Australia, Europe, Japan, North America, and Singapore to keep Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos as an assurance population should there be a catastrophic decline in the wild population.

Born jellybean-sized between July and August last year, the female joey first showed a limb in January this year, before peeking out her hairless head later that same month.

Baby tree kangaroo arrives at Singapore Zoo - Alvinology

As she approaches her one year milestone, the real life plush toy is growing beautifully into a confident and agile individual.

Although a little clumsy when she first started exploring life outside her mother’s pouch, she can now be seen frequently honing her jumping and climbing skills.

While she continues to pop in for mummy’s milk every now and then, she is more content to munch on favourites such as brinjal, tapioca, carrot, corn, long beans and kang kong.

Baby tree kangaroo arrives at Singapore Zoo - Alvinology

Singapore Zoo is home to two pairs of tree kangaroos before the arrival of the joey.

Senior couple Toea and Blue live in the outdoor exhibit of the Australasia zone while the indoor habitat is home to Makaia and Nupela, the younger lovebirds who arrived respectively from Australia’s Adelaide Zoo and Taronga Zoo last year.

Lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of Blue and her baby at the outdoor exhibit of Singapore Zoo’s Australasia zone. Mom and joey are currently being conditioned to the habitat together and will be displayed throughout the day once they are fully comfortable.

Singapore Zoo is at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826. Opens daily from 8.30am to 6pm. Tickets can be bought here.

All photos courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. 

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