Have you always wanted to up the ante in your photography game?

If so, there is little harm in seeing what OOWA – whose Kickstarter page was met with an overwhelming response – has to offer.

So is it YAY or NAY? You’ll find out.

 Snap shots like a Pro with OOWA Pro Kit

OOWA Pro Kit. Image via OOWA.

Image via OOWA.

Well, OOWA is the answer to all shutterbugs’s prayers.

Prepare to be blown away by the impeccable image quality from revolutionary free-form optics OOWA has to offer. This patent-pending technology is uniquely optimised for translating the image circle onto the phone’s rectangular sensor.

The results? Let pictures taken with both the 15mm Wide-angle Lens and 75mm Telephoto Lens (both included in the OOWA Pro Kit) do the talking.

15mm Wide-angle Lens

15mm Wide-angle lens. Image via OOWA.

Wide-angled lens is perfect for landscape shots, especially when you’re overlooking an aerial view of the ground. Needless to say, these remarkable lens came in handy when I was at Ultra Singapore last weekend.

Shutterbugs will delight upon the wide-angled effect of such lens as it finally does justice to sweeping shots, in particular. While the normal lens of your iPhone is able to capture the moment, it lacks the capacity to capture a panoramic shot fully.

Photo taken with a 15mm OOWA lens. 

Photo taken with a 15mm OOWA lens.

The clarity of the images taken with the OOWA lenses certainly elevates the aesthetic feel of the photograph. It not only gives your photos that oomph and also a renewed sense of confidence in your photography skills.

But of course, who are we kidding? The real reason why your photographs look like they got an upgrade comes down to these awe-inspiring OOWA lenses.

Photo taken with a 15mm OOWA lens.

Now you can be sure you’ll literally go “Ooooh wah!” at these photographs taken with OOWA lenses.

75mm Telephoto Lens

75mm Telephoto lens. Image via OOWA. 

What about times when the subject in your photograph is distant? The telephoto lens from OOWA will do just the trick.

On the other side of the spectrum, this specific type of lens is able to bring into focus the subject you want to capture.

Comparison of normal phone and OOWA mobile photography lens. Photo on the left taken with a 75mm OOWA lens. 

See what we did there?

After using the 75mm telephoto lens from OOWA, the photograph (on the right) looks more focused with the subject appearing closer. The telephoto lens is perfect when you want to bring distant objects close or capture a shallow depth of field.

Photo taken with a 75mm OOWA lens.

Remember how you can achieve the aesthetic “background blur” effect on iPhone 7 Plus? The 75mm telephoto lens will make a world of difference in your mobile photography.

What’s more, telephoto lens is able to enhance the aesthetic feel of a photograph by drawing greater attention to the key subject in it.


The 75mm telephoto lens kit. Image via OOWA.

Alvinology X OOWA Giveaway

In celebration of Alvinology’s 10th Anniversary this year, we are having a special partnership with OOWA just for you. Two lucky winners will stand to win a OOWA Pro Kit Set (worth S$210) each!

The OOWA Pro Kit consists of 1 Telephoto Lens, 1 Wide-Angle Lens, 2 iPhone Cases, 1 Flare Hood, 2 Lens Caps and 2 Carrying Pouches. It is compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. 

For iPhone 7 Plus users, please note that the Telephoto lens is only compatible with the 1x camera.

To win, simply complete the following:

  1. ‘Like’ the Alvinology Facebook page and OOWA Facebook page.
  2. ‘Like’ and share this post on Facebook and tag a friend whom you will be using OOWA lenses with; the friend would have to like both aforementioned Facebook pages as well as share the post too. Remember to make the post public.
  3. Also, tell us a reason why you would like to have a OOWA Pro Kit our Facebook post. Contest ends at 11.59pm on 28 June 2017. The winner will be notified via Facebook, and must be able to collect the prize in Singapore.

Kindly note that Facebook accounts created solely for the purpose of participating in contests (with no personal posts) will not qualify for this giveaway.

For more information on OOWA, head over here or here to check out DynaOptics, the amazing folks behind OOWA.