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Listen up Android fans, here’s where to buy and how earn free Google Play credit

Google Play Gift Cards Variable Load are now available in stores across 90 retail stores in Singapore. If you are an Android user and keen to get your hands on more Google Play credit, Google has worked with e-commerce platform NPN and tech retailer Challenger to make Play Gift Cards available for purchase.

Both NPN and Challenger will offer users variable load gift cards, allowing users the flexibility to choose the denominations they wish to purchase between S$20 to S$400 for each gift card.

Google Play Gift Cards are also available in fixed denominations in Singapore (S$30, S$50, S$100, S$150 and S$200) at 7-11, Cheers, Courts and Harvey Norman.

New “Google Opinion Rewards” app rewards users with Google Play credit

Android users in Singapore also have a new way to earn Google Play credit in return for answering short surveys of up to ten questions long via a mobile app.

Using the service, called “Google Opinion Rewards”, music fans can get the latest track, or unlock content in a game using their time and opinions instead of money.

To get started users simply download the app from Google Play. About once a week, users will get a notification on their phone that a short and relevant survey is ready. After setting up their account, users will receive Google Play credit for completing surveys and earn up to S$1.50 for every survey they take.


  1. Thanks man! Just joined GOR, wait for a while. GOR send me a “survey” which is just 1 question and I earned $1 credit by telling GOR that I learnt this from your website.

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