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Uncle caught jaywalking carrying a child – turns aggressive at driver

In a video shared by Facebook user Tan Boon Wee, taken at Boon Lay Food Centre, an elderly uncle is seen jaywalking dangerously across a traffic junction, carrying a young girl in his arms.

When honked at by the driver of the car camera, the uncle turned aggressively and can be seen gesturing and posturing to the driver for a confrontation. He was only pacified and moved on after another old lady came and pulled him across the road.

Was it right for the driver to honk at the old uncle carrying a young child crossing the road? Or should the driver exercise a little more patience towards old folks and young kids, allowing them some leeway in jaywalking.

Or is the elderly uncle at fault for jaywalking in the first place and even turning aggressive when rebuked by the driver’s car horn. Many comments on the video suggested that there is a traffic crossing visible nearby and there wasn’t really a need to jaywalk, putting the life of the young girl in danger on top of the old uncle’s own life.

What do you think?

If viewed from the perspective of parenting, it is definitely a big fail for the old uncle by setting a very bad example for the little girl that it is right to break the law (by jaywalking) and turn defensive when caught.

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