Get the Best Tech Show Deals with Singtel’s UnexpecTech Deals NOW

Enjoy Singtel’s best tech show deals before the tech show even starts! Yes, cut the queue and still get the best deals! It is possible with Singtel!

How does it work? It’s actually a lot of fun (and addictive!). They’ve hidden all of their deals – from extra mobile data, to free months of fibre, to great discounts on phones – in the one place we are used to searching for stuff anyway. Our web browser and on social media!

On top of these deals there’s always a chance to win great prizes and some of the really cool limited-time only products. For more details on how to play, you can check out the official website for Singtel’s UnexpeTech Deals.

What are the exact deals we can get?

I scanned through the website and this ranges from Free 12 GB, Free Fibre for 3 Months, More Data for 24 Months, SGD50 Unlimited Fibre, SGD50 Off Handsets and more! It’s fastest fingers first as some of these are limited in quantity, so you’ll have to really swoop in fast.

Don’t worry though, as they have put clues all over the place to help you search for the deals. Just keep your eyes open.

How to play:

I was able to solve this one quickly on Twitter:

Here’s the reward:

This one I am still unable to crack:

Anyone can help?

Have fun monitoring the tweets and solving everything to get all the best deals from Singtel! 

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