How do you power through your workout when you have an annoying hunger pang midway through?

Before you worry about caving in to them, we have some protein-packed recipes to curb your nerve-wrecking moment of hunger. As much as we want to prepare our own meals, time doesn’t allow us to do so these days.

Well, we hear you and here are six quick-fix recipes that make sure you get all the protein you need right in there:

High-Protein Banana Overnight Oats Smoothie

Photo and recipe via Popsugar.

Before you go bananas over your hunger pang, slurp onto this protein-imbued banana smoothie – and you’re raring to go again. We recommend using Quaker’s Rolled Oats in this recipe for that added protein and fibre boost to your smoothie-oats fix.

Almond Butter, Strawberry & Banana Overnight Oats

Photo and recipe via Ambitiouskitchen.

Nothing stands between you and your washboard abs as you go beast mode in your workout with this protein-packed fix.

Also, flush out the toxins in your body as you pile up on fibre, especially with rolled oats from Quaker, which is overflowing with soluble and insoluble fire. The former lowers “bad” cholesterol while the latter aids in digestion.

Overnight Oat and Chia Pudding

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What’s throwing a few punches to you when your midday snack already packs a serious punch in the protein department? Instead of using rolled oats, we recommend using Quaker oats that entails the same health benefits, if not more. They increase your feeling of fullness, thus preventing you from over-eating.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Photo and recipe via Minimalistbaker.

Brimming with protein, this satisfying oats fix is the very antidote for your hunger pangs and fuel for your muscles. While you keep trim and fit, why not introduce some Quaker oats into your recipe and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases at the same time?

Raspberry Chia Overnight Oats

Photo and recipe via Wholesomefork.

Bid Adiós to the pre-workout ravenous side of you with chock-full of protein in this overnight oats fix. Chia seeds, raspberries and some Quaker Rolled Oats will ensure you’re on the right track with rich antioxidants, which come with anti-inflammatory effects.

Protein Yoghurt Oats Bowl

Photo and recipe via

Photo and recipe via

This fuss-free fix is your best bet to banish unwanted hunger pangs when you’re this close to the finishing line. Watch your weight easily as your blood sugar levels won’t spike with wholesome and healthy oats from Quaker.

Quaker simply takes out the hassle in preparing these oats fixes without losing the myriad of health benefits accompanying the products. Oats have never been easier to make and tasted this good.