The Smurfs have invaded Jurong Bird Park!

The Singapore Jurong Bird Park had some unique visitors recently and they are all blue in colour. A parade of Smurfs have left their homes and set up camp in Jurong Bird Park’s Waterfall Aviary, an attraction in the park which hosts over 600 free-flying birds.

Three hundred 3D Smurf figurines dotted the two-hectare Waterfall Aviary, which also features the world’s tallest waterfall inside an aviary. Resident birds such as the great blue turaco, crested guinea fowl, and roseate spoonbill will be sharing their space with the Smurfs, from 8 to 30 April 2017.

I brought my son, Asher, on a Easter egg hunt with the Smurfs last weekend at the park and it was mighty fun for him. Parents be warned that you may have to do a fair bit of walking to help your little ones hunt down all the different colour Easter eggs to exchange for prizes.

The narrative goes that the mischievous little Smurfs have hidden 1,000 Easter eggs within the aviary, and guests can embark on an egg hunt to win prizes like candies, Smurf souvenirs and more.

There are a total of 6 different coloured eggs, hidden in 6 nests at different spots within the aviary, each holding eggs of the same colour. The goal is to collect an egg of each colour to complete a set of 6 to exchange for prizes. Kids really love a little challenge like this and I spotted many scooting around excitedly, hunting for eggs.

Other than the egg hunt and the photo opportunities with the 300 little Smurfs, there will also be mascot appearances by Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf as well as a slew of fun art and craft for the little ones to participate in for free.

The Smurfs’ Lost Village in Jurong Bird Park is not just a feast for the eyes. For foodies, you can also indulge in Smurf-themed food like the blue-hearted chocolate brownie, the blue-hearted carrot walnut cake or a lychee blue lagoon.

This event will be happening from 8 to 30 April and there is no additional payment required on top of the admission tickets (Adult: S$29 | Child: S$19) to participate in the Smurf activities.

Jurong Bird Park

2 Jurong Hill
Singapore 628925
Tel: (65) 6269 3411
[email protected]

Opening Hours:
8.30am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)

More details on this Smurf event at Jurong Bird Park is available via the official website. 

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