Going once, going twice, hold your horses – are we seeing things? The yoghurt shop that has sprouted up in so many shopping malls during the yoghurt craze is now up for sale, but is that for real?

In fact, it’s so real it’s up for grabs on Businessforsale and owning the shop may just be a phone call away for buyers interested in Yoguru. If the name rings a bell, this yoghurt chain is one of the few that stuck around even after the fro-yo frenzy fizzled out.

Curious to know what other prominent local brands are looking for a change of management? We’ve rounded up a list of top 10 local businesses that are holding up their ground – one million is the baseline for many of them:


Asking Price: SGD1, 000, 000

It seems pretty unbelievable that Yoguru is on sales but it’s as real as Trump winning the US Elections last year. For anyone who has a penchant for frozen yoghurt, he or she will agree that the brand has some of the healthiest and best-tasting fro-yo in Singapore.

Let’s just hope the quality of the yoghurt remains the same after the change of management – we still want to satiate our fro-yo fix at Yoguru.

Korean Dining Bar

Asking Price: SGD1, 600, 000

Jin jja?! The fusion modern and traditional Korean dining bar located along the busy streets of Main Tanjong Pagar Road is asking for an exorbitant price tag of SGD1, 600, 000. Well, anything riding on the Korean wave these days is perhaps a sure-win way to make money, especially with huge spenders from prestigious companies such as Samsung and LG.

Coffee Shop at Ubi

Asking Price: SGD4, 000,  000

By far, this 200sqm coffee shop has one of the highest asking price amongst the local businesses listed on the site. What gives? The new Ubi MRT station that is slated to open at the end of this year will be located opposite of the coffee stall, promising to bring in steady human flow that are also coming from the nearby industrial and HDB estates.

Smooth, silky, soft and traditional beancurd

Asking Price: SGD2, 000, 000

Businesses that sell beancurd in Singapore have always been thriving, given how popular beancurd shops are as a supper spot to appease your hunger pangs. Still, it didn’t occur to us that the asking price could go up in millions for an otherwise modest-looking beancurd shop but this isn’t shocking to know.

Themed Alfresco restaurant in Changi 

Asking Price: SGD1, 800, 000

Source: Facebook.

Source: Facebook.

The World War II-themed restaurant and bar, 1942 [email protected] has been featured on the six-part program, “Treasure Hunters” by Channel News Asia. Besides this themed restaurant, stakes in another large scale themed restaurant, Betty’s Diner at  Turf City are also offered in the asking price. The owner is selling his shares as he has other businesses to run.

Highly profitable Thai restaurant in prime location 

Asking Price: SGD500k – 1 million


Mookata, anyone? This decade old Thai restaurant situated in the heart of Singapore’s shopping haven is touted as a great deal, being amongst the top 10 restaurants to visit in Singapore. Having made a name for the restaurant chain in Southeast Asia, aspiring business owners needn’t worry about reviving the newly-renovated restaurant and can solely focus on expansion opportunities.

This piques our interest even further – is this one of the Thai restaurants we frequent?

Halal Dim sum Restaurant

Asking Price: SGD500k – 1 million

As the first-ever restaurant in Singapore to be serving Halal Hong Kong cuisine such as Dim Sum, anyone can now enjoy the tantalising Cantonese cuisine. This family-managed restaurant situated in a prime area of Clementi has been drawing a steady crowd with their unique selling point. The business has also already been featured in local newspapers multiple times.

One of the best Indian fusion restaurant for sale

Asking Price: SGD1 – 5 million

Indian food is also a hit with the locals, regardless of which meal of the day or even supper. Having been awarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore, it is’t hard to understand the sky-high price this restaurant chain is asking for.

Well known wine lounge/bar/restaurant and wine distributor 

Asking Price: SGD1 – 5 million

The owner of this well-known multi-concept wine drinking destination in Singapore is reluctantly letting go of his business venture as he has no one to take over after retirement. Established since 2004, the lounge/bar has built a regular pool of clients who have proposed to him to expand locally and internationally given the limitless potential this concept holds. The annual average revenue is estimated to be above 1 million.

Established Curry Puff & Food Paste Business 

Asking Price: SGD1, 000, 000

Yet another local snack many Singaporeans crave for mid-day is the all-time classic curry puff. Who knew that making the paste for curry puff could be this lucrative? Never belittle a simple business idea because you’d never know when it can rake in millions of dollars.

Seeing that many of the local businesses listed for sales are F&B establishments, we know Singaporeans do take their favourite past-time – eating – seriously.