The time has come again to make a trip down to IKEA – no, it’s not for furniture shopping; but some chicken wings.

From 2-5 March, one of our favourite food at IKEA is going at 50 cents per piece. How can food be that cheap? What’s more, it’s at IKEA.

Source: IKEA.

Well, anything is possible these days – and Swedish meatballs are no longer the sole reason to pay IKEA a visit. The chicken wings are now selling at only 50 cents per piece but this special promotion only runs from 2-5 March. We bet it’s already selling like hot cakes.

Besides that, chicken balls – another popular dish among locals – are only $1 per 10 pieces. We thought we were living in an alternate reality when we heard about it but these crazy promotions are legit; you can check them out here.

Source: IKEA.

The little ones in your family have a reason to rejoice too – kids under the age of 12 can even eat free for all. However, the child has to be present at check-out and one child is limited to a kids meal – but anything for a free meal, right?


Unfortunately, the above promotions apply only for dining in but this won’t stop us from chowing down on the crazily cheap chicken wings and chicken balls in days to come.

Excuse us while we make our way down to IKEA – before the crowds start coming in.