Once again, the season of cherry blossoms coming in full bloom is back. This Spring, Isetan brings back the flavours of sakura and the best-loved Japanese Hanami food after an overwhelming response at its first Sakura Matsuri held last Spring.

Hanami (観桜) is part of Japan’s unique traditional custom to enjoy the transient beauty of the bloom of the cherry blossoms across the country. The Japanese enjoy Hanami with their families and friends with picnics under the Sakura trees. Enjoy a wide selection of Hanami food and cultural products at the fair from 28 March – 9 April.

New items to look out for

Half a dozen pack of Ichiban Sakura Beer (350ml). Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

First in Singapore, the Orion Sakura Beer is a 100% Malt Beer that is from Okinawa, Japan. Through an optimized manufacturing process, the rich and flavourful beer is brought out. It’s the perfect beer to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

6’s Usual $22.20 Now: $19.90 24’s Usual: $88.80 Now: $75.00.

Amazake is a traditional sweet non-alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice. Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

This traditional sweet non-alcoholic Japanese drink is made from fermented rice. The Amazake is a Japanese traditional food that dates from few hundred years ago which is made using koji and koji mold Aspergillus oryzae that includes miso, soy sauce, and sake.

Amazake (450ml) is retailing at $18.00.

Sakura flavoured jelly from Hokkaido. Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

Enjoy this Sakura flavoured jelly from Hokkaido. You can also taste the salted sakura leaf in the jelly. 

Sakura Jelly (1pkt) is retailing at $5.70.

Top favourites

It’s Japanese cuisine without Takoyaki. Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

Takoyaki are the best food to have during Hanami where Japanese gather with their families, friends or colleagues to have a picnic under the Sakura tree.

Takoyaki (6pcs) is retailing at $7.00.


Back by popular demand, these sweet potatoes are the all-time favourite in the Sakura Matsuri fair. Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

These sweet potatoes are the perfect snack to enjoy the Hanami with family and friends.

Japanese Sweet Potato (1pc) is retailing at $2.00.


Sakura blooms at Sakura Matsuri

Sakura Sarasara Liqueur. Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

This exquisite-looking sakura liquor is an incredibly light liquor with a sweet taste. It has an aroma of barley shochu and fruits, which is perfect for drinking in a spritzer or cocktail. The sakura flowers in the bottle come from the mountains of Yoshino, the most famous of the Sakura regions in Japan. Taste spring in this bottle.

180ml Usual: $17.90 Now: $15.90.

Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

The pink-hued silky glossy jelly with Sakura flower has a refreshing taste that brings out the taste of the spring season. 

Assorted Sakura spring jelly pudding (3pcs) is retailing at $12.80.


Japanese culture and craftsmanship

Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore. 

Highlighting the best of Japan’s craftsmanship by learning from our experienced artisans from Fujimori, Tokyo on how to make your very own unique silver or gold jewellery.

Workshop Details

Date: 28 Mar – 9 Apr • Time: 2pm / 4pm / 6pm
Fee: • $60 for Silver Ring or Pendant Workshop

• $120 for Silver Bangle Workshop • $800 for 18K Gold Ring Workshop

*Book and pay online at www.isetan.com.sg (from now till 27 Mar, 12pm) or pay at Isetan Serangoon Central, Nex Atrium L1 (from 28 Mar – 9 Apr).


Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

Discover a whole new perspective to interior home design through Japanese Tatami. This unique handcrafted Tatami furnishings combine luxury, comfort and durability to highlight the flexibility of indoor nature living.

Bed Topper Set (Single)

Usual: $510 Now: $380

Receive a complimentary signature Tatami Neck Support Pillow (worth $130).

Nile Sofa Bed

Usual:$1,385 Now: $1,095

Receive a complimentary lounge support.


Photo courtesy of Isetan Singapore.

Koyudo has been established for over 200 years in Hiroshima, Japan, which has a tradition of making calligraphy brushes. The make-up brushes by Koyudo are made using the same traditional craftsmanship. Each brush is made using the finest material to keep the brushes soft for a comfortable touch to the skin.

Price ranging from $2 to $250.


This coming March, we won’t have to worry if our cravings for anything Japanese or sakura act up.


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