During the five Resident Evil movie flicks,  we know Alice (Milla Jovovich) as a character who fights very well against nasty zombie and highly intelligent mutated monsters. Up to date, this computer game to the big screen franchise has actually made over $900 million at the global box office. The ‘Resident Evil’ movie series is so far the largest video game-based movie franchise.

To speed things up before you catch the final instalment of the Resident Evil, here’s the recap.

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Resident Evil (2002)

The initial installation of the series opens with major character Alice (Jovovich) having a serious memory loss, yet once she figures out the reality, she ‘d possibly prefer the memory loss. It turns out that a major bio-weapons outbreak of a compound called the T-Virus took place at an evil firm called the Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City. To attempt and stop a global outbreak, a highly intelligent A.I., called the Red Queen, control of the Umbrella Corp centre and kills everyone by means of nerve gas.

It’s a huge undead trouble! Alice joins a group of task forces, including Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), as well as Matt, a previous police officer. He’s after that taken away by Umbrella’s researchers for human research, and Alice is left with one more instance of amnesia before waking up to understand that the T-Virus is now an epidemic.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

This second instalment is all about saving Angela (Sophie Vavasseur), the daughter of Dr Ashford (Jared Harris) of the Umbrella Corporation. Dr Ashford is the creator of the T-Virus. Dr Ashford really did not want his child to grow weak like he did, but his cure didn’t end up as what he expected – a biological weapon made for war.

As the virus is uncontainable, Alice must locate Angela in exchange for a helicopter ride out of Raccoon City. Matt, who is previously caught by Umbrella’s researchers, is now mutated and under the control of Umbrella. He is known as the Nemesis. A component of old Matt is still active, so he goes against his orders of killing Alice and assists out Alice by eliminating a couple of Umbrella soldiers.

Near the end of the movie, Umbrella hides the infection by doing a nuclear mass destruction. Angela lives but her Dad is dead. Finally, Alice is the most powerful creation by the Umbrella Corporation. Alice and her friends escaped onto a helicopter but were later crashed. Alice was caught by an Umbrella researcher.

At the end of the movie, Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen) allows Alice to run away with Carlos, L.J., Jill, and also Angela. Umbrella can still track her.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

This movie is all about cloning the same Alice with superpowers such as telekinesis. In the meanwhile, Alice, Carlos, Raccoon City survivors, as well as a convoy leader called Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) cruise around the wasteland as well as a stop in a messed up Las Vegas on the means to a supposed risk-free place in Alaska.

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Isaacs is attacked in a face-off with the convoy, as well as after attempting to infuse himself with massive amounts of an anti-virus, he alters into a Nemesis-like zombie mutant monster called a Tyrant, which has similar powers to Alice. Alice fought with the Tyrant and finally, the Tyrant was killed by Alice’s clone.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

The 4th instalment proceeds to tell the story of Alice as she tries to revenge on, Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) as well as the Umbrella Firm, a bio-engineering company which caused the worldwide zombie apocalypse. Alice continues her search of Arcadia, a zombie-free area, where survivors attempt to rebuild human civilisation. During Alice’s fight with Wesker, Wesker gave Alice an injection which caused her to lose her powers.

The final fight shows Wesker injects himself with some superpower T-virus and attacks Alice. Unfortunately, Wesker was blown up by a bomb when he tries to escape.

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Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

The human race’s only and also last hope, Alice, stirs up in the heart of Umbrella’s many secret operations facility as well as introduces more of her mystical past as she dives better into the facility. Without a risk-free place, Alice continues to search those accountable for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow. Finally, an astonishing discovery that will certainly require her to reassess whatever that she as soon as believed to be true.

The story involves clones of Alice, Rain, and Carlos, as well as Alice’s “daughter,” Becky. Like in the first movie, the Red Queen goes crazy and tries to kill Alice. The Red Queen is now calling the shots at Umbrella and has gotten worse. Due to this, Umbrella Corporation’s own employees, Ada Wong (Li Bingbing) and Albert Wesker, begin to help Alice. In the end, Wesker gives Alice her powers back to fight in the last stand at the White House.

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