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McDonald’s Prosperity is back! Start your Lunar New Year festive mood as soon as 29 Dec 2016!


The Chinese Lunar New Year is just round the corner. Can you feel prosperity in the air? If not, you should grab a Prosperity meal at McDonald’s, one of Singapore’s all -time favourite Lunar New Year treats.

During the two days of CNY public holiday, most shops and restaurants are closed and I always remember McDonald’s as one of the few dining options which are still open and always ready to welcome you (some outlets even open for 24 hours!).

If you are a Singaporean or had at least lived here for the past few years, I am sure you would have tasted McDonald’s Prosperity Burger during past years’ Lunar New Year period. It’s almost like a tradition!


This year, the Prosperity Burger is back for the 12th year running. Yes, you have read it correctly – this special burger has been around for more than a decade! Even older than my five-year-old son, Asher. And guess what! Other than the prosperity burgers, McDonald’s will also be bringing back the crowd-pleasing Twister Fries!

As usual, McDonald’s will not just leave you at just two great news. This year, it is also bringing us the Sweet BBQ Drumlets and Gula Melaka McFlurry with Rainbow Bites! Totally sweetening things up!

The added sides offer more ways you can enjoy your Prosperity meal at McDonald’s! Here are a few ordering tips which may help you enjoy your Lunar New Year to the fullest.

1. Enjoy prosperity even earlier this year (From 29 Dec 2016)!

You need not wait till late January to enjoy the upcoming prosperous season! Prosperity burgers are available as soon as 29 December 2016 at all McDonald’s stores!

2. Extra Black Pepper Sauce, Extra Onions – FREE


Although the burger is already drenched in a generous serving of sauce, some of you may like your burger even saucier. Do you know that you can request for extra black pepper sauce and onions at no extra cost? I love onions and will definitely ask for more!

3. Do you know you can add on more crunch and sweetness on your dessert at just $0.70?

To those who like more ‘kick’ on your Gula Melaka McFlurry with Rainbow Bites, you can add extra toppings at only $0.70 per serve! Perfect for those who like things rich and crunchy for the Lunar New Year!

I hope these tips are useful! Start enjoying your Prosperity meal today! Happy New Year everyone!

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