Remember that magical feeling unboxing presents when you were a child?

The year-end festive period is near and it is where you will be receiving and sending gifts all around. I chanced upon this video on the unboxing of a present and it really caught my attention:

Fun isn’t it? It reminded me of this crazy viral video of a boy unboxing his Nintendo 64 which surfaced online a decade ago:

Today, this video has over 21 million views and counting!

The boy sure left an impact in the big big world on the Internet!

What if grown-ups feel the same way about unboxing presents too – they get teleported back into the past.

Do you remember that magical feeling of unboxing presents when you were a child? Especially if you got something which you really really wanted…

Watch more videos of what happen a whole bunch of adults from around the world when they received a Samsung television for Christmas:

Deep down inside, there is still that little kid in all of us. We just need an awesome Christmas present to bring it all out!

Go have fun everyone! 🙂