Naturel’s New Premium Spray Oils

Naturel, the market leader in edible oil and chilled margarine in Singapore, recently launched three premium spray oils that provide healthier and low-fat cooking to discerning consumers.

Available in Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Olive Oil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, each bottle features a new triple action spray system that allows you to drip, stream, or spray depending on the pressure applied and according to your needs.

Drip, Stream, or Spray?

With traditional oil bottles and its wide mouths or spouts, you sometimes end up using more oil than you actually require. Greatly control your oil distribution quickly, conveniently and mess-free with the spray oils. Whether it is to coat your skillet or flavour your salads, a little bit of oil goes a long way; each spray contains equal or less than 9Kcal.

To Drip, apply a gentle pressure on the tip of the spray head. Recommended for adding an extra flavour to soups.

To Stream, apply a harder pressure on the tip of the spray head, and hold as required. Recommended for frying, and to rub in salt and herbs onto meat.

To Spray, press down on the centre of the spray head for a second. Recommended for salads, a light coating on buns and pastries before baking, barbequed meats, or to coat a skillet/pan.

The bottle also comes with an attached spray cap to maintain hygiene.

Premium Healthy Oils

Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Olive Oil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are all high in unsaturated fats, low in saturated fats, cholesterol-free, and trans fat-free. The healthy unsaturated fats are widely believed to reduce cholesterol levels.

The flavour of each oil is, however, different. For a mild and slightly nutty taste, select the Grapeseed Oil. If you prefer a smooth and buttery flavour, go for the Avocado Olive Oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives a smooth, sweet flavour with gentle hints of spiciness.

Greater Options For Healthier Living


The release of the spray oils further emphasises Naturel’s position as a premium brand that continually comes up with innovative options for consumers seeking a balanced and healthy diet.

Ms Sulina Tsai, the Marketing Director of Lam Soon Singapore which owns the Naturel brand, said: “The advantages of avocado and grapeseed oils are beginning to be recognised, and so we are very excited to include the Avocado Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil variants into our Naturel family. All three variants are made in Spain using single-source Spanish ingredients, so consumers can be assured of a high quality in taste as well as production.

“We hope the new triple action spray mechanism in the bottle will also provide our consumers greater convenience and ease in their cooking.

The products are halal certified, retailing at S$7.30 per bottle. They are now available in Singapore at Selected FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage supermarkets.

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