SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

SOMA: filtered water with a cause

Here’s a beautifully designed water container brand which also has a sustainability message behind it. Based in San Francisco, SOMA is promising Singapore consumers a fresh drinking experience with their sustainable, eco-friendly designer water filtration pitchers and carafes.

If you are wondering about the name, SOMA means drink of the gods. Can you picture Thor or Loki drinking from a SOMA bottle?

The brand partnered with top water-filtration expert David Beeman — who has developed methods for Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and other global brands — to create a filter that is not only effective, but also sustainable. The biodegradable filter is made of coconut shell carbon, silk, and a plant-based casing.

Through a partnership with charity:water, a portion of every purchase of SOMA products goes directly towards getting safe drinking water to some of the 660 million people in the world who need it.

All SOMA employees launch their own fundraising campaigns, with SOMA matching employee donations to charity:water 100%. SOMA also releases special edition products that support specially chosen projects to curb water crisis where is it rampant.

In addition, SOMA attempts to find ways to create more sustainable business practices, like offsetting emissions with conservation-based forestry, using post-consumer waste and recyclable materials in packaging, and setting standards in its code of conduct for labour practices, sustainability, transparency, animal-welfare, and anti-discrimination policies.

“Millennial customers want to have an impact and having some form of give-back program is a great way to do that. We give 1% of gross revenue and on top of that we have a number of initiatives that increase that significantly. We also donate $100 per year per employee,” shared Mike Del Ponte, founder of SOMA Water, Inc.

SOMA Products and Prices in Singapore

SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

SOMA Glass Carafe

The SOMA Glass Carafe is the perfect conversation piece at afternoon soirées and dinner parties. The main body is shatter-resistant, borosilicate glass, with a BPA-free plastic cone and lid, which houses the replacement filter.
It filters 1.4 litres (6 cups) of water.

SOMA Pitchers

SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

Designed with both aesthetics and function in mind, SOMA’s range of water pitchers look stunning and are
built with thoughtful features. For example, when filing the pitcher, the lid automatically extends downwards
under the weight of tap water, and closes back up when the water stops.

SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

The body is made from shatterproof, BPA-free premium plastic that immediately feels stronger and sturdier to the touch. The handle is made of US grown white oak, known for its beauty and durability.

The pitchers are available in two different sizes – the 6-cup (white), which holds 1.4 litres and the 10-cup (white and special-edition black), which holds 2.4 litres.

SOMA Replacement Filter

The SOMA filter, which fits both the Carafe and the Pitchers, is mostly plant-based and has a low carbon footprint. The primary filter media is activated carbon made from organic coconut shells, housed in a plant-based sugar cane casing. This reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and safe drinking.

The SOMA filter is NSF Standards 53 and 42-certified and are able to filter contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc, taste and odour, transforming tap water into fresh, great-tasting, filtered water. SOMA filters generally last 2 months or 150 litres, whichever comes first. Replacing the filter is very easy with the pull-out handle.

SOMA Glass Bottle

SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

Each SOMA bottle is made of high quality shatter-resistant borosilicate glass making it durable for carrying around. It is also accompanied by a soft silicone sleeve that provides users with a non-slip grip. To top it off, this slim and stylish glass bottle is fitted with a leak-proof natural bamboo cap made from a renewable resource. Customers can choose from six different coloured glass bottles of their preference designed to fit snugly into your cup holder or even your bag. The smooth mouth design of the SOMA Glass Bottle also provides for a comfortable drinking experience. Each bottle holds 0.5 litres of water.

SOMA: filtered water with a cause - Alvinology

SOMA water pitchers, carafes and bottles are available at leading department stores, including Best Denki, BHG, Metro, OG, Takashimaya, Tangs as well as online retailer RedMart. Customers can also find out more about the brand at, where you can purchase the pitchers, carafes, bottles and filters at promotional pricing.

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